Author Topic: Error Log File - Payments won't process from other people's computers  (Read 4016 times)


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Hi there,
I'm using VM 1.1.9 and Joomla 1.5.23

I am able, from my home computers, and trying it with three different PayPal accounts, to buy things from the site store I have built. However, when asking other people to try and purchase from their computers, they can't buy. They get all the way through the process (going to PayPal site and coming back to my site, accepting terms, registration, shipping) only to have it stall at the end. When they press the final submit button they get these two error messages:
Error: Error - Paypal did not complete the transaction. Please try again in a little while.
Error: Failure in Processing the Payment (ps_paypal_api)

I have tried to turn on the error logfile by checking the configuration box. I created error_log.txt with permissions 660 (tried 777 before that, but don't see why it would have to be 777) at path public_html/administrator/components/com_virtuemart/classes/Log. I put this path into the configuration page. But I don't get any errors showing up in my log file.

Does anyone have any ideas what else I could do to solve this or get the error log file working?

P.S. I did speak with a PayPal Dev yesterday and he went through the log files with me on their end. Even though I'm not charging tax through the store site, their error messages said tax was being configured to 5 decimals, which caused a failed transaction. I found the relevant file re the tax and changed it to 2 decimal places. The PayPal Dev didn't see any other errors in their end of the error files.


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Additional info.
I was able to replicate the problem other people are having. I had been using a test item, which only cost $2.96, but whenever a real item is used, it won't go through. (Error messages as above).
I suspect this is related to tax stuff  based on what the PayPal Dev told me. Even though I changed the decimal rounder (as shown in this link to 2 (instead of 5) places, it still rounds out to too many places per the error message at PayPal.

The PayPal error message says this exactly:
Timestamp Apr 20, 2012 18:48:22 CDT
currencycode "USD"
amt "38.95"
itemamt "36"
shippingamt "2.95"
taxamt "2.6645352591E-15"
invnum "50_85c9fdf9d616e5d72"
ack "Failure"
errorcode 10429
shortmessage "Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details."
longmessage "Tax total is invalid."


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It was indeed a tax issue.
Solved it by applying the solution in this post: