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Parent Products/ Child Products
« on: April 25, 2012, 18:20:20 pm »
Hello Guys

Hoping someone can help me with VM 2.0.6

I have created my products using parent and child products as each product has various varients. I've managed to successfully create the products and list them together without having every varient displayed on the shop however bumping my head with a few problems

1. Firstly, how I can remove the parent product from having an add to cart button? I only want the child products to have this option
2. Secondly, stock levels for the child products need to be controlled, but Im finding that Im not able to do this in VM 2.0.6? I checked the box that says "notify me" when a product is out of stock, but as it is a child, it displays it regardless. If the product has no children, then it works fine?

Is there a way around this ?