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Parent /Title use
« on: April 19, 2012, 10:44:58 am »
Working on a travel site, I need to add extra option to a trip for different cities
Lets say the trip goes from A to B to C

Then people can choose to go to the museum in A or B, go to a Cafe in B and C.

Now I have added Boolean fields so I get a list:
(all cart attributes because they add costs)

Museum in A no / yes
Museum in B no / yes
Cafe in B no / yes
Cafe in C no/yes

It works but is is a bit cramped in my template and does not look very organized.
So I was looking for a way to create a title:

Options city A:
Museum no / yes

Options city B
Museum no / yes
Cafe no / yes

Options city C
Cafe no/yes

First of all I see no decent way to create a title in between the fields.
If I use a string, it still shows a select dot.Same for text area or any other option I found.

No decent way to just add a line of text separating fields?
of course I could do it in my overrides but than my client will not be able to adjust it.

Of course several trips are passing by the same cities:

Assuming Trip 1 passes city A and C and Trip2 pases B and C

So I was hoping to create a set of options in the general custom fields and then just add the parent to the city custom fields, avoiding double typing.
Also can't find a way to get that to work.

When I create a parent, it shows up with the (famous) dot, same problem as the title above.
I need to create a "yes/ no" selection but it is not possible to add two boolean fields with the same name to a parent, so no "no/yes" fields there.
When I double the parent in the product I get (of course) a selection for the parent.

Anybody a suggestion how to get this better?



J2.5.4 / VM2.06