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LINK to the site in question is in my Signature.

I had to turn off my Joomla Native SEF to get the links for VirtueMart to work correctly....

But once I did that, when I click on a product category, the menu item I had to make for the virtuemart front end, and even when I add a product to cart, or when I click on a product ...

the next page that loads is my website but where there should be the shopping cart or the stores front end there is no content at all... if I mouse over the empty space, I can tell there are pictures and links and stuff there... but it's just not displaying... ? it's like it's all invisible.. what could be causing that?

I know there's stuff there because I can randomly click the empty space and it will take me to a picture of a shovel (sample data) ... and it will load other product pages (that are also invisible) .. lol

I find it kind of funny but I would like to fix it :P


Okay I have narrowed my problem down.

In VirtueMart Component >> Configuration >> Templates : I was able to get the products to display and the store-front to display correctly when I disabled....

Using the Virtuemart jQuery    
Using the product Scripts    
Using the Script ajax Countries / Regions

and then it would display.... my question is: Why would those three cause this type of issue? how could I fix it so I could use those options? (I turned everything off and selected the options one at a time, the only option I can leave enabled is Using the VirtueMart CSS

ALTHOUHG : My Shopping Cart is still invisible.

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It seems I might have found the solution to my problem because I was able to go all the way from adding to cart.... to using paypal sandbox to purchase one of my digital products.


I went into my template settings

Joomla > Extensions > Template Manager > (Select Your Theme & Edit) > Turn OFF Any Javascript stuff, Jquery, JS ... etc..

and make sure you turn off:
Components > VirtueMart > Configuration > Shop > and UNCHECK Use external google jquery library

then go into:
Components > VirtueMart > Configuration > Templates > and ENABLE everything in Activate Css Styles & Javascripts

and then it should all work.


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I heard a lot issues like this with Rockettheme templates in most of the issues, it was a caching problem with the gantry on-board cache. Maybe you can play with this too.

Do all other features work well after disable some libaries?
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