Author Topic: Confused with PAYPAL PAYMENT History on Paypal account after using Virtuemart.  (Read 2493 times)


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Ok , here is the issue I'm having. I was testing the paypal payment system with the virtuemart based website I am developing . Everything works fine. However , I wanted to make sure that if a customer goes on our website and let's say ORDER 8 items of the SAME product for a particular unit cost and make the order , we can actually MODIFY the number of items we are going to SHIP to the customer in the EVENT that we have less than 8 items available in stock . I wanted to make sure that we can modify the 8 items to 4 items and charge the customer for only 4 items instead of 8 items using the AUTHORIZATION and CAPTURE payment later. It does work FINE also .. The problem is that ONCE the costumer has been charged the 4 items instead of the 8 items that he originally ordered , the PAYPAL ACCOUNT of the client on the website will STILL how the original amount of the 8 items the costumer originally ordered , as well as the updated amount that the customer actually got charged for the 4 items that were available ..  My question is this one .. How can I make paypal account of the customer NOT SHOW the price of the 8 items originally ordered by the costumer , and actually only show the amount that we charged the customer for 4 items after we updated the order to 4 items only to be shipped ?  My employer wants to make sure that clients on his website will not get frustrated when seeing the original price amount of the 8 items ordered even though we really charged them only for the 4 items that were available in stock.

Is this something that can actually be addressed to virtuemart. We believe that maybe virtuemart has a way to implement closing an invoice so that costumers can only see what they have been charged for the 4 items to be shipped , since we didn't have all the 8 items that were originally ordered.