Author Topic: Remarks on 2.0.3H  (Read 2046 times)


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Remarks on 2.0.3H
« on: April 02, 2012, 13:59:34 pm »
I am adjusting some template for a bunch of sites with narrow templates and have some remarks I like to share.
Some might be core issues, may be some simple things I missed :-(

Agree on terms.... is switched off in config but still is needed to click a box.(no text appearing just the tickerbox)
in config the agree fields are locked??

Would be nice to be able to switch the whole shipping address off.
(I have very narrow templates and need all the space and it is not needed with virtual goods)
Yes I can alter all files but a simple on/off would be better.

Would be nice to be able to switch off the extra 'confirm order' step. It seems a complete duplication of the cart screen and confuses my clients.