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General Questions VM 2 / Re: Unable to Delete Products from Cart
« Last post by rzrz on Today at 15:46:37 »
Which kind of customisations? Maybe you dont need them anylonger. vm2.6.7 is really very, very stable. You use a 1,5 years old version. From 2.0.16 - 2.6, it is usually easy to update.

When adding items into basket and it exceed the amount of stocks available it shows : There is not enough product in stock.
Also some interface changes like adding amount of items by typing instead of using up/down arrows.

I tried to use the automatic updater but once it is updated to the VM 2.6+, the customization broke so I have to revert back to 2.0.16 you see.
first of all switch ALL the sef off - how can you develop a site when you have no idea what the urls  really are?

on product details (have you installed Firebug?) - all your includes (images, css and JS etc) are 404s

e.g.  "NetworkError: 404 Not Found -"

you can try any of them ->

all 404s -

they should be

find out where that /underwater/ is coming from..

Hello developers,

I have been working all day to solve a problem in my product detail page, but since I'm here you guessed I was not able to solve it.

the problem:
I've added a menu 'VirtueMart Front page' showing the product categories. This works OK. When I click a Category the products show up, also no problem here. But when I click the 'product details' or click the image of the product, the product details appear in a page, without the template vissible. It shows the information about the product but in a weird way. I can not add the product to the cart. (

When using the example database of VM it has the same problem. Product details won't show up in the right template.

General info
I'm using VM 2.6.6 and Joomla! 2.5, tried using the full install of VM2 with Joomla and a separate installation of Joomla 2.5 with VM 2.6.6

My try-outs so far:
using the 'Category Layout' menu item instead of VirtueMart Front page
adding Jquery easy as a plugin to avoid Jquery version conflicts
about 6 times starting over with a clean database and clean Joomla + VM installation

any help is appreciated
Product pricing / Re: listing multiple prices on product page
« Last post by fallnet on Today at 14:46:17 »
Hi lanthan,

thank you for share your code. Im not sure why, but It show me price without tax.
Can you please help me, how show price + VAT (+21%)

Thank you.
General Questions VM 2 / Re: "Free" products
« Last post by vasia on Today at 14:08:23 »

You can try the language override:

Thank you very match for your reply!!!! I ve my problem fixed :)
Why don't you use virtuemart 2 and joomla 2.5? Or, if you just want to play with it, vm3 and joomla 3.
Thank you.

I Have updated the code.
I ended up creating a separate field for supplier cost price

Trying to manage cost prices / retail prices with all the variants of supplier discounts was too much of a headache - we do this now in external systems.

However, the base price that Jenkin mentioned will work for many shops who have simple supplier discount structures

Storing the cost price in VM enables us to do margin displays in the backend admin

Deploying your own database addition is very simple and easy to maintain as long as you have good code management
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