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Do you refer this?

Please, see the image attached
Do you get "ask question" email?
Hi jenkinhill

Thank's for your reply

In the other post you say:
Maybe try changing the setting "Use the vendor email address" in Configuration/Email Settings

I check the option "Use the vendor email", but I do not recieve any email as vendor :-(

Any other idea ?

Thank you very much

Best regards jenkinhill
Hi there,

I have just upgraded to the latest version of VM 3.2.14 and have an issue with this 'Array' text appearing above my price, only in a 'products details view'

I've located the code in the default.php in html/com_virtuemart/productdetails file, but I can't seem to remove (or comment out) without crashing the page...!

Is there a way to remove this Array text via backend config or should I try and remove with css??

Chris H.

Joomlart - Brickstore template
PHP version 5.6.36
Joomla! 3.8.8 Stable
T3 framework 2.7.0


I have Joomla 3.8.7 with VM 3.2.14

I have the problem that the customer recieve correctly the confirmation email, but vendor do not recieve anything :-(
Please, see the attached image for view my configuration

Please, someone can help me?

Thank you very much :-)
General Questions / Re: Shopper name and mobile number list
« Last post by AH on Today at 12:03:17 »
you need to create an template override to the orders listing in admin
General Questions / Shopper name and mobile number list
« Last post by rage76 on Today at 09:12:03 »

Is there a way to get a tabulated list of shopper's names, mobile numbers and/or email addresses?

Or my purpose will also be solved if I can see the mobile number alongwith  "Name/Email" in the order list. Can this be done?
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