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Installation, Migration & Upgrade / Re: Router problem VM3.0.18.7
« Last post by stAn99 on Today at 21:20:53 »
this fix works only on VM3.0.18.7 and a few versions before...

for the "VmConfig::$vmlang" will not get changed with "VmConfig::setdbLanguageTag($lang_code);"

Product creation / product images name - problem
« Last post by marvays on Today at 20:06:55 »
hi. where i set change name of uploaded images? my client upload any images with czech langueg and Vm save with name "Zářivka 3000K.jpg" and save to ftp "/images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/Zářivka 3000K.jpg_350x350.jpg" :(
VM cant change name to "zarivka-300k.jpg?

PS: VM 3.0.18, J! 3.6.5
Installation, Migration & Upgrade / Re: Router problem VM3.0.18.7
« Last post by stAn99 on Today at 20:01:03 »
hello friends, after spending 5 hours at Paul's demo site i located the problem which can be replicated this way:

within any system plugin (in our example it's vmdropshipping.php) initialize Virtuemart with loadconfig before the class initialization OR within the onAfterInitialize event OR within the system plugin contructor.

example of a real plugin - this is a very common way to initiaze Virtuemart from system plugins:

Code: [Select]
# plg_vmdropshipping - Virtuemart Drop Shiiping 
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------
# author    WebKul software private limited 
# copyright Copyright (C) 2010 All Rights Reserved.
# @license - GNU/GPL
# Websites:
# Technical Support:  Forum -
// no direct access
defined'_JEXEC' ) or die( 'Restricted access' ); 
jimport'joomla.plugin.plugin' ); 

//loading vmConfig
if (!class_exists'VmConfig' )) require(JPATH_ADMINISTRATOR.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR .'components' .DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'com_virtuemart'.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'helpers'.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'config.php');

//loading VirtuemartViewInvoice
if (!class_exists'VirtuemartViewInvoice' )) require(JPATH_SITE.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR .'components' .DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'com_virtuemart'.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'views'.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'invoice'.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'view.html.php');

//loading shopFunctionsF
if (!class_exists'shopFunctionsF' )) require(JPATH_SITE.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR .'components' .DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'com_virtuemart'.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'helpers'.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'shopfunctionsf.php');

plgSystemVmdropshipping extends JPlugin

now at the

which parses an URL into non-SEF variables
Code: [Select]

to check for the current language you can debug like this in the router.php file:

Code: [Select]
public function getProductId($names,$catId = NULL, $seo_sufix = true ){


you'll see your default language such as "en_gb"

if you press F5/reload you'll see your own language "nl_nl"

clear the cookies, reload the page and you'll see "en_gb" again.

The fix for this is TO RELOAD VMCONFIG at a Joomla event which got all the Router parameters ready, and can recognize the language since the URL was already parsed.

i've created a patch for this:

which looks like this:

locate this lines:
Code: [Select]

/* This function can be slower because is used only one time  to find the real URL*/
function virtuemartParseRoute($segments) {
$vars = array();

and change to:
Code: [Select]

/* This function can be slower because is used only one time  to find the real URL*/
function virtuemartParseRoute($segments) {

defined('DS') or define('DS', DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR);
if (!class_exists( 'VmConfig' )) require(JPATH_ROOT.DS.'administrator'.DS.'components'.DS.'com_virtuemart'.DS.'helpers'.DS.'config.php');
$lang_code = JFactory::getApplication()->input->get('language', null);  //this is set by languageFilterPlugin
if (!empty($lang_code)) {  // by default it returns a full language tag such as nl-NL
VmConfig::loadConfig();    // this is needed in case VmConfig was not yet loaded before
VmConfig::setdbLanguageTag($lang_code); //this is needed if VmConfig was called in incompatible context and thus curret VmConfig::$vmlang IS INCORRECT

$vars = array();

the fix was done agains VM to

best regards, stan,
I am using customfields with Cart Attribute but I want to add MPN for this field
now I can add CUSTOM VALUE and CUSTOM PRICE when I create product with custom fields. Where is the field for MPN of custom field. There is a column MPN in database but you cannot use it. This option is needed.

No matter it get removed some day. I want to display it in confirmation mail. How to do it.
General Questions / Re: Product images duplicated
« Last post by Gingerweb on Today at 18:31:27 »
Yes thanks i just fixed it the issue was in


whilst setting up the vmreviews component i must have messed up somewhere not sure where but have replaced that file and all was ok.

thanks for assistance all.
Thank you jjk for your response.
The problem is that the display of the modules is already limited to VM homepage and product category pages.
It's like those "user pages" are routed (I don't know if the term is correct) to the homepage view!
I don't know how to solve it...
Do you have other ideas?

General Questions / Re: Product images duplicated
« Last post by jjk on Today at 18:22:17 »
Any idea why this would happen please?

I suppose you did solve your duplicate image issue, because at the time of writing this I don't see duplicate product images.
The 'strange' numbers in your above url were generated in your product alias form field because there is already a previously added product with the same name:
Hi, after some tests I discovered that the problem arises when a child variant is generated because, no matter which method you choose, VM only creates a record in the default language _virtuemart_products_xx_xx table.

I have 2 languages and by default VM creates a new record only in the _virtuemart_products_en_en table and not the _virtuemart_products_it_it table.

To create an entry for the second language you have to explicitely edit the product form and switch to the second language.
In previous versions both entries were created by default, also because in most cases you will not change name or description or anything else in child products apart from SKUs.
Opening the product page is usually useless.

Have you got a fix for that?

Thanks, Bruno
I've updated from joomla 3.4.1 to 3.6.5 and virtuemart from 3.0.64 to latest. I'm unable to test with another template as they are not installed. I could try installing one though I guess to test for a template issue. I have setup the site locally using a backup and updated it. The same issue occurred but has now corrected itself without me changing anything. I guess I could make a backup of the local site and restore the live site from that. It bothers me that I haven't found the issue though. Thank you for your swift response
Updated from exactly which versions to which?  See

Have you tested with Protostar?
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