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I would assume the ship plugin uses what ever security protocol the site uses .. so if your cert is TLS1.2 then should be fine..
generally this is done by inserting the Google tracking code in the html that is returned by the payment plugin to the thank you display

I guess something like doing a redirect to a Joomla article from the payment plugin would be another approach
no... this is a transaction between you and your bank... 

perhaps some payment gateways have an api for it.. but how many refunds do u make? Is it worth the expense of coding for something that happens twice a year? esp. for a defunct version of VM?
Product creation / Re: Conditional Custom Field
« Last post by GJC Web Design on Yesterday at 23:44:44 »
I would try with JS..  choosing quantities triggers functions in the vmprices.js and you could either code there to unhide the custom fields or just detect clicks or a keyup in the quantity elements-- test the quantity if >1 unhide the custom fields display
Product creation / Conditional Custom Field
« Last post by JacoboPS on Yesterday at 23:35:58 »

I have a question, and I hope the answer isn't: "you can't".

I sell bulk spices, in 100 grs steps. But if anyone choses 3 units of 100 grs (that is, 300 grs.), I want to give them the choice of a single packaging or a 3 packages of 100 grammes. So to do that, I have created a string with two options (to be chosen by the client):

 - A single package
 - Single packages of 100 grs.

And I want to show that options "only" when the client choses more than one unit (100 grs). How can I do this?

Thank you very much,
I think, you don't understand.
When you search in the manufacturer view, the values are used in model for product view in admin.
This is a BUG!
If this was not a bug, then we use it same way for category too on edit a product and for customfields, ....
Thanks !  ;)
I see what you mean now. You can click "Add missing tags" and add ratings there. This markup can be added invisibly like this:

Code: [Select]
<span itemprop="aggregateRating" itemscope itemtype="">
<meta itemprop="ratingValue" content="4.5">
<meta itemprop="bestRating" content="5">
<meta itemprop="ratingCount" content="3"></span>
This is not a bug. All search variables in VM are now saved in session like in every Joomla component. This is very important for UX. Helps with product editing workflow, saves a lot of time.
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