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General Questions / Re: Ajout au panier impossible
« Last post by Trucmuche on Today at 17:00:48 »
Yes indeed, the site works https, but the homepage, gives a message that says the site is not secure on chrome without padlock, and firefox too but with a padlock with a yellow triangle.
Thanks for your help
General Questions / Re: Ajout au panier impossible
« Last post by jenkinhill on Today at 16:45:52 »
I have seen three sites last week where add to cart did not work with http but did so with https. Luckily each of them already had a certificate in place so setting the whole site ran under SSL solved the problem. A one of these was an old VM2 site I guess the issue is browser related (I have Firefox 57.02).
Well I'm sort of thrown off. Changing to non SEF the shopping cart no longer loads.
Changing to Prostar I had to add a menu but now nothing stay in the shopping cart.

Both seem more broken although I understand that it shouldn't be more broken because of those actions.

I did turn on the debug thing for Joomla and toggle both the SEF and Template a few times but I didn't see anything that look strange, although I'm not a programmer ether so I may had miss something.

Thanks for the quick reply but I'm still unsure on how to continue.
I have really big trouble to reproduce or even theoretically to think through it.

First, slugs are unique! on db level! that means that the db itself (mysql or mariadb) blocks to insert or to update a line so that you get two identical slugs.

So a child must have only one thing which must be different to a parent and that is the slug. When I create a parent and call it "My parent test" and store it, the slug is set to "my-parent-test". When I create then a new child for the parent I get automatically redirected to the child. The child got already stored, for that i had to write a slug generator, which adds a -1 or increases this number. So my child has already the slug "my-parent-test-1".

When I store now my child, I have no clue how that should change my parent. Just to be sure, I just did that and as expected, nothhing happened.

So I wonder how you get your result. When you create a new product and you do not store it and directly use the "create a child",... hmm I see it is grey and cannot be pressed ...

So I have really no clue. Even Jörgs explanation cannot work, because the only thing which never can be inherited (except for automatic slug generation) is the slug.
General Questions / Re: Category description in multilingual site
« Last post by Studio 42 on Today at 16:05:30 »
If you have jQuery issues, most time it's because your admin template or a plugin, module....
Try using default Joomla template and disable your admin plugins(or system plugins loaded in admin) and any admin modules that are not in Joomla core.
Hi, latest virtuemart has a hidden config to hide discontinued products.

Please add "discontinuedPrdsBrowseable=0" in virtuemart.cfg. Then resave virtuemart configuration from admin. This will hide discontinued products.

I did not check this with with vm module. But this code below from administrator/components/com_virtuemart/models/product.php, helped me hide discontinued products from result page and module of 'custom filters' extension.
Code: [Select]
if($group!='discontinued' and !VmConfig::get('discontinuedPrdsBrowseable',1)){
$where[] = ' p.`product_discontinued` = "0" ';


I can try it. But the where condition is not correct because product_discontinued can egual null or 0. The correct is not 1.

I want see the detail prdduct page - I have created a specific information when the product is discontinued.
General Questions / Re: Membership
« Last post by Milbo on Today at 14:55:22 »
Then, about the domain: I ordered for the client domain, but during development I use a dev URL, of course. Maybe that's why nothing happens? Different URLs?

I fear there is the problem, yes.
Installation, Migration & Upgrade / Moving sites between hosts
« Last post by jomojo on Today at 14:14:04 »
Hello all,

I'm mostly looking for general advice & guidance on moving sites between hosts. Specifically what I need is to know what data/tables to update if the sites get out of sync during the implementation & testing phase on the new host?
At the moment I can see that 3 new orders have been added to the Old site, that need to be transferred to the New one. If I do this in SQL:
General Questions / Re: Ajout au panier impossible
« Last post by Trucmuche on Today at 14:09:58 »
Yes indeed, I have just seen it and in your opinion what should I do?
Hi, adding badge have nothing to do with discontinued, but of course you can check any values and add badge. Eg. creation date, price, featured ... and add CSS depending this.
For a customer, i added different class by discount percent eg., all this need to be done in your template files and not in Virtuemart itself.
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