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General Questions VM 2 / Re: Alias email issue
« Last post by dfin on Today at 18:38:16 »
Ok....I'll keep looking into it.

Just makes no sense to me that a contact form (via a plugin) sends the email out correctly to the alias, but within the other part of the site in virtuemart...nothing.
I was wandering if maybe using different mail functions like sendmail or phpmail...
It is being used as the vendor and superuser.
I change it back to the "true mailbox" when not debugging of course.
Can't blame a host server issue if the contact form works.

oh well...back to square one.

Thanks for the reply.
I had the exact same problem.  In my case it was adding "com-virtuemart-menu-users" to all new menu items created regardless of if it was for virtuemart or not.

I looked in the #__menu table and found this line:

alias: com-virtuemart-menu-users
path: com-virtuemart/com-virtuemart-menu-users
link: index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=user
lft: 180
rgt: 205

Just looking around, I found that lft and rgt to generally be incremented by 1, dont really understand how they work, but I went ahead and changed rgt to 181.   That solved my problem.
easiest is to do a quick install of 2.9.9 and install the example data..

there is an example of just about every possible combination of custom field etc -- and work backwards from these
You have to find out what the crash is - a 500 error is just saying that the (normally) the php process failed - it can fail for losts of reasons  (run out of memory etc)
Best ask your host to tell you what the error actually is.. then we can advise further (or search on here for the threads on white screens)
500 errors are recorded in the server error log - check there for the cause of the error.
Thanks, the site is highly customized so I expect testing in a new theme wouldn't help me much... ugh

thanks anyway
General Questions VM 2 / Re: Alias email issue
« Last post by jenkinhill on Today at 18:29:05 »
No problem that I know of assuming that the alias is set up on the mail server. eg for one of my sites (VM2.6.10) I use the generic as an alias, and as the email address for the vendor as configured in VM shop. On the server it aliased to 4 different mail accounts, all of whom get a copy.
Even nowadays is not clear at all how to allow customers to pay directly via paypal with credict card and without a paypal account.

Sorry when I say Crashes - goes to an Error HTTP 500 Website cannot display this page - when the checkout is done and I have clicked on 'Confirm the order'.

General Questions VM 2 / Alias email issue
« Last post by dfin on Today at 17:46:58 »
Are there any issues with using an alias email address with virtuemart?

If I use a true email address mailbox for my domain, it sends orders and communications fine.
If I replace with an alias email address  for my domain, nothing is received.
I am wanting an alias to be used (one email entered into the system) so that it will then forward to multiple emails.
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