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3rd party extension / Re: Joomla VirtueMart AliExpress Dropshipping
« Last post by Grigorii on Today at 18:21:08 »
Thank you. We will do as you advised!
This is not a bug, it is legacy feature that I do not recommend anyone to use any more.

Of course You can have products on sale please check out the documentation.

You just have to do it the right way.

Jörgen @ Kreativ Fotografi
I guess you're right, but it still looks like a bug to me. That would mean you can't have extra options on products in sale? You want the extra options to be added to the for price, not to the from price. How can I add the delivery costs to the for price?
Hm - Demo Page is not working and has no Contact-Option... :-X
There is a supported plugin by Alatak - she works with the VM development team so keeps the plugin up-to-date.
@jjk I found a real difficulties with the design of my template

Which template? And what is the problem with the template?
I´m still looking for a solution for calculating shippint costs with "bulky goods" in Cart, Oder confirmation and Invoice.
I tried out open tools some times ago but in free version it was not included  - only in Pro-Version which was expensive.
No open tools is completely free but it will not anymore be updated because development is closed.

Now I´m sill looking for a solution  - does any one else have an idea how to fix that ?
Hopefully there will be an option in VM Standard .....?
Thank you
@jjk I found a real difficulties with the design of my template
So the best thing for me would to revert them in the category template
Any help please ?

Thank you
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