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After installation of new VM3 in both Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3 environments I've noticed that vmfile.php, which is created in libraries\joomla\cache\storage folder, is totally the same in both places. As far as this code is created based on standard Joomla 2.5 file.php and contains just few small changes comparing to it ("Additional check for file and replacement of file_exists to is_file by Max Milbers"), it can't be used in Joomla 3 environment, because standard Joomla 3 file.php is different from the 2.5 one. Thus I think you should create the separate vmfile.php for Joomla 3.

Best regards,
Effengia Team
Plugins: Payment, Shipment and others / Problems with paypal
« Last post by ghooton on Today at 14:17:26 »
Hi All,
I have VM 3.0 on Joomla! 3.3.6.  with php 5.3.29 and MySQL 5.5.36
I have PayPal express checkout selected.
My problem is as follows. A customer preforms the following steps:
[Select product] --> [Check out now] --> [Account details]--> [Step2 Shipment]-->[step 3 Payment (choose PayPal)]-->[transfer to PayPal]-->[paypal complete]-->[transfer back to my site]-->[Check out Now] -->[step 2 shipment]-->[step3 payment]-->[Order complete]

In other words steps 2 and 3 are repeated after PayPal is done.
Is this what I should expect?


Templating & Layouts / Re: Retrieve fields from #_virtuemart_medias
« Last post by maxi1973 on Today at 14:08:39 »
Sorry GJC, but i don't understand... i have to insert the code you posted in mail_html_question.php? so in that case i have to replace
Code: [Select]
<a href="<?php  echo $product_link ?>"><img src="<?php echo JURI::root() . $this->product->images[0]->file_url;   ?>" />
Code: [Select]
$productModel = VmModel::getModel('Product');
<a href="<?php  echo $product_link ?>"><img src="<?php echo JURI::root() . $productModel->addImages($this->product); ?>" />
Please, i'm not an addict to programming, so be patient. thanks
I'm zeroing in on the problem:

the description tag $product->product_desc was pulling in a lot of styling elements from TinyMCE which my simple css command ( .grid-view p.product-description{display:none;} ) wasn't able to block.

stripping out the styling, what is left is this in the html:
<p class="product-description"></p>
<p>the product description text...</p>

calling up .grid-view p.product-description{display:none;} doesn't block the text from appearing but using .grid-view p {display:none;} does... the problem is, it also blocks everything else that gets called up with <p...>, like the product details button.

Based on the html I have here, is there a more precise way of writing that css display none call-up so I don't block out everything called up with <p ?
I did try p.product-description p {} but that didn't work...
Product pricing / Two taxes on the same product
« Last post by jiggo on Today at 13:04:50 »

I want to apply two taxes at the same time but keeping them separate on calculation.

The first tax is a custom one defined by me

The second tax is the classic VatTax.

I've defined both in tax calculation section but when I go to apply them in the product page I can select only one of them, but I want to apply both!
It looks like the problem is related to the text styling of the description: when I chose to display the full description it's displaying all the style elements (color, font size etc.) created in the editor.

Is there a way to call up the description but as text-only without any accompanying styling that gets displayed on the product details screen?
...Where would I find it in VM 2?
Defined in line 161 ofvm-ltr.css (in VM3.0)

.browseProductImage {max-height: 90px;width:auto;max-width: 100%;}

If you still need help, I would be willing to upgrade your site to a version I can work with. If you are interested, get ahold of me. I work for $20 per hour unless you have more than a weeks work, in which case, I can work for less.

hope to hear from you soon.

About VirtueMart / Re: Virtuemart 3
« Last post by jenkinhill on Today at 11:43:57 »
And every experienced VirtueMart user will know that even numbered release versions are stable versions..........
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