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Several days now notice that paypal doesn charge the shipment cost on cart so if someone buy a product with cost of 100 euros and the shipment 10 euros we have a result of 110 euros right?YES but in this case paypal charge customer only 100 euros.Somehow doesnt recognize the value of shipment.If SOMEONE know about this issue leave a message.

product 100euro+shipment 10 euro=110 euro  (this is the right one)
product 100euro+shipment 10 euro=100 euro  (this is what happen)
You have to tell exactly which VM and Joomla version You are using.


Jörgen @ Kreativ Fotografi
I have searched on google no results, I tried to check the code but no luck.

Product cost 10
Shipment 3
Paypal 0
13 Eur

After the order summation the payment amount that goes to Paypal cart is 10 (!) and not 13! (does not add the Shipment cost)
I use Paypal Standard - Direct payment.
VM 3.0.18
J 3.6.5

Any clue?
is it bug?
That would probably be VM

We should not use the term latest version...


Jörgen @ Kreativ Fotografi
You should create a child product, give it a name, do nothing else and store it. Then take a look on the FE and you will see the "parent" product. Children INHERIT the values of our parent. So when your parent has an image, you do not need to set any for your child product.
I am the main developer and therefore I use always the last version.
Henry, you completly ignore the screenshot of your cart, which I sent you some days ago, which SHOW the selected image.

Your problem is different. As I said,... I clicked on an image,.. then there appeared a button ON the image,.. then I clicked this button and was directly redirected to the cart, which had the right product with image.

So the question is for you:
- Why selecting a colour does directly add to cart
- Why there is no add to cart popup
- prevent that someone can add a product without selected image

The images itself are shown. Furthermore you do not explain the complexity, that you want to have 3 groups of media, but you can only select one.
I know , but there have been a lot of customization in the component and its individual elements that I don't want to lose. The only problem that I have is the one with the search in multilingual sites.
Hello Maik

Acutally it works now, but if SEF is off.
If sef is ON, it does not
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