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I'm using VirtueMart for demos and I would need today a fake payment method ( fake as there will be no real payment nor money sent and received )
Note that I can not use paypal in sandbox mode ( this is what I was doing till now ...)
Here would be the flow :

Customer select payment Method and click chekckout

New window/ pop-up is displayed with HTML/php/JS ..etc..  inside
user "is paying "
go back to virtuemart with  payment OK / KO
Virtuemart order is updated
anyone would have some insights doing this, keeping in mind that I'm not a great coder.

I checked the "standard" payemnt method but seems that there is no "payment feedback" done no ?
Thanks in advance
In VirtueMart 3.8.4 10335 the code is:
VirtueMartModelCategory::rekurseCategories($vendorId, $category_id, $categories, $level, 0, 0,true, '', 'c.ordering, category_name', 'ASC', true);

Does it mean the ordering is fixed to c.ordering?
General Questions / Virtuemart product xml export for other sites to use
« Last post by andrai2 on Yesterday at 00:39:14 »

I have need to make an Virtuemart product xml export for other sites to use, so they could import my product to their site

Can someone recomend an extension for virtuemart product xml export, that could do the job

so idea is -  i give them virtuemart xml file, they import my product to their site

maybe something form here...


General Questions / Re: Single products in articles
« Last post by jenkinhill on September 16, 2020, 23:30:52 pm »
I found this on a customer's website.  It turned out to be that the owner had deleted some products, but those products had been set as "related products" of another product.  Seems like a bit of a bug here.  If a product is deleted, it should be removed as a related product.

Hope that helps. :-)

Hi Brian, hi all,

Agree, I had same issue, and did some SQL queries to clean up all related orphans products.
And also don't forget that if you delete a product, you or a customer that have an orders with this product involved, will get a "vmerror notice" for this on login.
This should be corrected in a future version.
General Questions / Re: Single products in articles
« Last post by pinochico on September 16, 2020, 21:40:24 pm »
General Questions / Single products in articles
« Last post by johndenver on September 16, 2020, 21:07:25 pm »
Is there a way to display individual product inside of articles? I thought maybe using an extension that allows modules to be placed inside of articles and loading a product with that single product but the modules for VM (default installed) don't have an option to select individual products only features, new, best, etc.

My Virtuemart install is 3.6.10 if that helps any.

I use a menu link "VirtueMart Category Layout" to display all published products from a category (see screenchot :à-18.11.14.jpg).
It works well and I order that listing using Reorder ans Save order buttons.

But some of my products have some kind of peremption and ± 10 products per week get unpublished. So now I get many unpublished products at the middle of published ones… And it becomes quite inconvenient to order the listing: I have to jump though unpublished products…

What about a « Status » dropbox : Published/Unpublished to filter the products
(in fact unpublished products should be skipped when displaying category product listing)

An easy hack?

I have VirtueMart 3.4.2 for now (and need to update my version).
General Questions / Re: keywords in description for searchability
« Last post by Studio 42 on September 16, 2020, 17:31:59 pm »
using color background mean a blank space in your page.
Try to add in your HTML <div class="invisible">YOUR, TEXT, HERE<div> or <div class="invisible">YOUR, TEXT, HERE<div> depending your bootstrap release.
Another solution is tu use the short_desc. But i think that you need to display it ?
I think that meta keyword should be add in the config as searchable fields, because this are not anymore used by search engines, but i'm not anymore a core developer. So only the team can add it so the modification is not loosed on virtuemart updates
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