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It's no where - i.e. where ever your displaying your weights etc

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<?php echo number_format($this->product->product_weight2'.'''); ?>
Thanks. With all those updates I rather not work with overrides in templates. So maybe I'll just use css, as that div's classname seems to be unique (just did a full code-search in all VM files)

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   display: none;
thank you. With that I can query the total sold and use that each month to see how many new got sold, write that to another table etc. great.

Would be nice to be able to query by date, but column 'created_on' is not in unix-time, so that won't work. So I will go with the above option.
Templating & Layouts / Re: Modifying Product Details printing
« Last post by Matt_Ginn on Today at 13:31:44 »
Haha  ;D I do believe you mate! I was hoping there was going to be an easier way of doing it! The template I'm using (Gavick Storefront) has the product details layout all in one big file, rather than a series of smaller ones all called from default.php like some other templates do! Means I've got to go through it wrapping each bit of the layout that I don't want in the conditional code!  ::) Oh well, there goes my lunchtime!!

Thanks for you help.

How do I limit the amount of decimal places?

try this:

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// $this->product->product_length=1234.5678;
// english notation without thousands separator

echo number_format($this->product->product_length2'.''');

// 1234.57



which file is this?

Thanks in advance

Joomla 2.5.25
VM 2.6.10
Yes , it is the administration , what I mean is if there is a known incompatibility between this theme and the virtuamart , do exactly the same on other sites and it works very well , but here there is always this delay recording the data , reached a moment that simply crashes .. I'm using joomla 2.5 and 2.6 virtuamart ...
you must have your prices set to show only to anonymous ..
prices should be set Available for all in your case

assume this is in the admin?  GavickPro Storebox is only FrontEnd - will have no affect
Templating & Layouts / Re: Modifying Product Details printing
« Last post by GJC Web Design on Today at 13:14:51 »
&type=component is the standard Joomla method of showing a component view without the site template

Either you believe me or not where the html is formed - entirely up to you...  ;)
You are trying to install on Joomla 2.5.x?

Did you first unpack the two components?

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