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I am currently using CSVI Pro on my website and it does allow for image download and thumb nail creation. It even has a "find and replace" system so that you can modify image URLs if your import file information needs to be edited before processing.
General Questions / Re: Affiliate Functionality?
« Last post by Roger Lightening on Today at 06:40:49 »
I have exactly the same question. I have used VirtueMart on several stores and have used HikaShop on one or two stores. I know that HikaShop has a simple affiliate program built into their paid for HikaShop Business package. I am hoping to find a VirtueMart option that works well. offers a VirtueMart affiliate plugin but I am a bit worried by a few very negative reviews on I am not sure about investing €50 to test the product.
3rd party extension / Re: Product Delivery Date for Virtuemart 2
« Last post by David Kan on Today at 05:41:03 »
Product Delivery date is newly updated for Virtuemart 3
- It is compatible with Joomla 3.x, Virtuemart 2.9.x, Virtuemart 3.0.2
- It is also compatible with Other Browsers IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
I can recommend you a virtuemart plugin product from Product Delivery date for Virtuemart 3 plugin

This product is suitable for any Virtuemart shop owner who wants to set up a delivery date (day/month/year) and delivery time/location for your products ( food, flowers, bakery, gift…) then this plugin is for you. It is a Joomla plugin but works exclusively for Virtuemart.

After installing the plugin like a normal Joomla extension, you will activate the plugin. Thus, shoppers can choose delivery dates, delivery time and delivery locations in a list during their checkout process.

Full List Of Features!

Select delivery date in a calendar window on the checkout page
Select delivery location in time/location list, admin can change values if it’s necessary
No need to login the website but it’s still able to choose delivery date and delivery location
Administrators can see the required delivery dates in customers’ orders.
Delivery date will be displayed on the email of order confirmation
The plugin will save delivery date/time in Virtuemart’s order database.
Admin can set up delivery time as a require part in the checkout process
Display settings: icon, title, label
Input a list of blocked dates
Allow admin to block dates for annual holidays


I get that message when trying to delete oder. Everything works except renaming invoice, all database tables get things related to that order deleted.

My findings after some debugging:

invoice is generated like vminvoice_150330cc1011.pdf. It's in the direcory with the correct permissions and could be renamed if no bug.
I put a loggin statements in orders.php directory (\administrator\components\com_virtuemart\models\ )
Here is code fragment with logging statements which are error_log

      // rename invoice pdf file
      $path = shopFunctions::getInvoicePath(VmConfig::get('forSale_path',0));
      error_log("renaming invoice 0 " . $path);
      $invoice_name_src = $path.DS.$invoice_prefix.$data['invoice_number'].'.pdf';
      error_log("renaming invoice 1 " . $invoice_name_src);
         // may be it was already deleted when changing order items
         $data['invoice_number'] = "";
      } else {
         error_log("renaming invoice 2");
         $date = date("Ymd");
         $data['invoice_number'] = $data['invoice_number'].'_'.$date;
         $invoice_name_dst = $path.DS.$data['invoice_number'].'.pdf';

         if(!class_exists('JFile')) require(VMPATH_LIBS.DS.'joomla'.DS.'filesystem'.DS.'file.php');
         if (!JFile::move($invoice_name_src, $invoice_name_dst)) {
            vmError ('Could not rename Invoice '.$invoice_name_src.'to '. $invoice_name_dst );

Here're the lines from php error log file:

[30-Mar-2015 22:17:21 America/New_York] renaming invoice 0 C:\xampp\htdocs\vmfiles\invoices

[30-Mar-2015 22:17:21 America/New_York] renaming invoice 1 C:\xampp\htdocs\vmfiles\invoices\vminvoice_en_gb_150330cc1011.pdf

So, this statement
inserts en_gb into invoice name which was originally generated without VmConfig::$vmlang

Such file does not exist and we have this error message and un-renamed file
This fixes the problem:
$invoice_prefix='vminvoice_'; // .VmConfig::$vmlang.'_';

error because id has to be unique...

The id is unique, but thank you very much for the hint, the real problem was the ID of the field, which used as fallback just the name and the new js has problems to handle [] in the id. Please try the attached file (renamed) at /administrator/components/com_virtuemart/helpers

This file helped me on VM couldn't save either in Chrome, Firefox, Cleared Cache, purge expired, reinstalled VM, you name it I read through all the forums this fixed it!
General Questions / Re: How do you fix VM backend layout?
« Last post by billynair on Today at 03:02:45 »
Code: [Select]
.virtuemart-admin-area { display: block; }
.virtuemart-admin-area #menu-wrapper { float: left; }
.virtuemart-admin-area #admin-content { margin-left: 221px; }

Best regards,

w00h00!! That is exactly what I was looking for! I just couldn't figure out which DIV to tweak!

?? I doubt that. We use the flexboxes, yes. The reason is that usually admins can use better browsers and in fact you are the first having problems with it (and telling us).
There are certain Firefox Addons that I constantly use that aid in speed and functionality that are not ever going to be updated, newer addons are just not as good, and the few minor setbacks I get from stuff like this issue are just not enough to make me want to upgrade. I upgraded last year and had to revert back after a month, I just can't work as efficiently with out the addons... it is absolutely not a reflection on VirtueMart, I just assumed it was a minor tweak in the CSS that I just couldn't chase down.
Templating & Layouts / VM 3 template
« Last post by roman5527 on Today at 02:07:43 »
How can I have different views on the products homepage and category? thank you
hmm, normal customfields have the option disabled, but not the related products.
Product creation / Re: Can't add new product
« Last post by Milbo on Today at 01:53:34 »
There is no reason to uninstall. In fact usually it can be very dangerous, deleting all your data of the component. In VM you can do that, because we prevent this. Just use the normal update (install it over it), that is usually enough.
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