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Are there any other sites out there that have a large number of products that are also updated frequently? If so how are you updating you're products that have discount pricing?

I've read about using catalogs and tax calculations however I have hundreds of different discount calculations and it seems like such a daunting task to have to go through this for any updates.

In my situation the product discount pricing is not based on percentages they're based on amounts that could be all over the place and fluctuate on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Having to make new tax calculations every time an update arises seems like a terribly daunting task and I wonder if virtuemart is not the right shopping cart for this setup.

I originally imported my pricing and set overrides to reflect a discount which was very quick and very easy however with the latest update something broke in my shopping cart is not reflecting the base price only the discount and sales price.

So before I Venture any further into creating tax calculations I'd like to hear how others are doing this. I've only gone through about 90 products and I already have over 50 different discount calculations I still have 300 or more products to go through and I think I'd rather stick a fork in my eye than have to do this on a weekly or bi-weekly basis

Thanks for any feedback or insight into making this an more user friendly experience.
Templating & Layouts / Re: Remove payment fee from View Invoice Page
« Last post by Jörgen on Today at 00:19:44 »

The first e-mail issue could probably be adjusted with CSS. Check with firebug and test.

Removing the payment could be done by overriding this file:

Look for COM_VIRTUEMART_ORDER_PRINT_PAYMENT and You will see the section that You should remove.


Jörgen @ Kreativ Fotografi
General Questions / Re: product weight in email confirmation
« Last post by Jörgen on Today at 00:06:10 »
Thank You Milbo

This looks promising. Nice to get a better understanding about the scope for data passed through views in VM.


Jörgen @ Kreativ Fotografi
Product creation / Re: Multi-variant error "scalar"
« Last post by myweb11 on Yesterday at 23:21:49 »
Create the first child of at least one item in the Information tab.
After this error will disappear and you can add other child products.
No idea about choose variant in that old VM version. I only use VM3+ now, and choose a variant selects childs now. Aee the blue Tshirt in
servlet, for a need of 1000 variations, you can use one customfield plugin for all.

Some thinking that standard field are here for all cases. But it's not possible.

I needed for a shop a simple images selector from a (selectable)folder. because using 25 custom image fields is very slower that this method.
I think that it's not a problem to do what you need, it simply need to develop the right solution with virtuemart or not.

A nice other example is one of my customer development , ski rent. I converted a oold VM1 shop to VM3 using 1 plugin for all options(12 options with 15 prices for each option and discount, depending the beegin date).
This mean 2 queries only for all. Before they used multiple table with prices and list and files ... and needed many queries call, core hacks ....

So yes, using only core fields can be very slow and is not the best way in all cases
Administration & Configuration / file permissions
« Last post by carlxyz on Yesterday at 20:03:17 »
Joomla 3.6.4, PHP 5.6.23, VM 3.0.18
Following error:
vmError: The path for invoices seems to miss the correct file permissions Safe Path /home/cnsa/vmfiles/
What are the correct permissions required ??
Your Live Sites / Re: Bookstore with more than 8mil products
« Last post by GJC Web Design on Yesterday at 19:30:06 »
fast as well .. shame I can't read Greek..   :)
It seems like there is a missing check for products saved in customers cart.

If it goes some time before they comes back, some products may have been unpublished in between, but still they will be available in the customers cart - and they can even checkout. So they are ending up buying something that might never get back in stock ...

I just tested it in Joomla 3.6.4 and VirtueMart 3.0.18.

- Logged in with a test user, not admin
- Added a product to cart
- Logged out
- Unpublished the product from admin
- Logged in again with the test user
- Opened the cart, product still there
- Placed a order sucessfully
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