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General Questions / Re: User Registration email change subject
« Last post by Jumbo! on Today at 13:35:33 »
You can change subject line by overriding the language constants.

Registration - Admin Mail Subject:
Code: [Select]
COM_VIRTUEMART_VENDOR_NEW_SHOPPER_SUBJECT="A new shopper %s registered  at your shop %s"
Registration - User Mail Subject:
Code: [Select]
COM_VIRTUEMART_NEW_SHOPPER_SUBJECT="Your registration %s at %s"
You can find them in - components/com_virtuemart/language/en-GB/en-GB.com_virtuemart.ini

You can override them using Joomla! Language Override Manager -
General Questions / User Registration email change subject
« Last post by xenofon on Today at 13:09:35 »

I'm developing an eshop with woman clothes.

My  questtion is very simple and i am sure that someone can give me a straight answer, i just can't find where is this coding field to change.

I want to change the subject of a registration email that a shoppers receives after his/her registration.

It says Hello ..... etc and it shows the username of the shopper. I want to change that and give the fullname of the shopper. Which is the right .php file and the line that i have to change ?

I look the mail_html_reguser.php file but it doesn't provide the subject section.

thank you in advance,
Xenofon Kaloudis
I had no time to verify it, being busy on urgent task.
I hope to have time to get it within this week.
Please directly use the most recent vm3.0.17.4, a lot changed so, I hate to search old bugs. Maybe it is even fixed already.
Thank you Milbo for your suggestion I removed the line
from the file
cleared cache etc but still the drop down only works for the first product, all others being sent to the master and not the selected child.

Any pointers appreciated
uhm, usually not necessary. I wonder anyway, why you do not want to work with the fallback, which makes it a lot more commod. Btw, we have even a doubled fallback. For example,... pt-PT to pt-BR, when pt-BR not available use en-GB
So you only have one product entered? The short desc did not vanish for me no matter what width browser window used in Firefox.
Thanks for your advice, all. This has helped us with the VAT issue (now resolved). We are still looking at how to store the third address - either VM custom fields or a ship to address with defined nickname.
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