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This is our first VM site and we have a problem with the product short description, it is truncating at around 50 characters.
We checked in the database and all the data has been saved but when displayed it truncates and adds ... to the end of the description

We are using virtuemart.
Joomla version is 3.3.6 Stable
PHP version is 5.3.29

Any help would really be appreciated


The button display nothing, and I can not doing forward.

Countries and states inside the contry seems to be OK.


same problem with

nothing TOS in the buying process. (i have activated of course)
Hello, if I uninstall Virtuemart (or its modules) is all its data (categories, products, configuration etc.) deleted too?
Is there a way to uninstall/install Virtuemart without consequences for the current data (configuration and products data)

This is my situation, attachment below:
version mismatch and unable to update Virtuemart because of it:
I am also unable to see/access Virtuemart in Admin panel.
Virtuemart 2 Development and bug reports / Re: How to start with API?
« Last post by Milbo on Yesterday at 23:49:07 »
Lets say it is the goal that the api does not change, you already use the API.
This gives a start
and what was your problem?
General Questions VM 2 / Re: How to add "Store Hours" to Contact Page
« Last post by jenkinhill on Yesterday at 23:24:55 »
The contact page is nothing whatsoever to do with VirtueMart. It is generated by the Joomla contact component so supported on the Joomla forum.

For ways to extend contact see
I have set up my site. I checked it with the admin module. I installed en-US for vm. It appears when I edit 'product categories' but when I select en-us from the dropdown it is en-uk after saving. I noticed when I installed lang file it is installed in different directories than the original en-gb lang files.
How can I fix this?
Thank you for looking into it. Will wait for the official VM3 release (if it proves backwards compatible enough) and report back on this thread.
General Questions VM 2 / How to add "Store Hours" to Contact Page
« Last post by BrennonK on Yesterday at 22:46:56 »
So on the contact page, there is the address, general email, phone number, and a contact form.

How can I add my store location's hours?
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