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Just use inventory feature.

Set vm so, that it does not selll if the stock is emptyl, done. No overriding,

Which of these choices would you recommend?
  • Products Out of Stock are orderable, no special action
  • Do not Display Product
  • Do not Display Product, if child products also out of stock
  • Displays 'Notify Me' instead of 'Add To Cart' button
  • Products Out of Stock are orderable, and the field 'Availability' below is displayed

I did not want a "Notify Me" button displayed. In my case the product is simply a display page for a product that has to be ordered somewhere else, and not something that will ever be in stock.

@Milbo... I would like to know which option to choose, too. Could you help us, please?

Thanks :)
Administration & Configuration / Re: Endless Loop at Checkout
« Last post by DunDes LLC on Today at 19:42:58 »
I'm getting beat up by my clients over this. Will we see an update available on our own site when ready?
Administration & Configuration / Re: Discount Error
« Last post by DunDes LLC on Today at 19:39:53 »
Okay, this stuff is way over my head. All I know is VM has been giving me issues constantly. There is this rounding issue, the payment options disappeared by themselves and there is an issue with being able to choose a separate shipping address. This is just too much to handle. I've already scrapped one Joomla ecommerce (JoomShopping) for issues and now I'm having issues with VM. I'm in need of some serious help. Does VM offer any assistance or paid support that would be willing to log into the site and checkout the code on the server and make things right?
Administration & Configuration / Payment Options Disappeared
« Last post by DunDes LLC on Today at 19:31:07 »
Just noticed this today. I haven't touched the site at all in the last 24 hours and found the payment options have disappeared. The attached pic shows how it functioned yesterday and what it looks like today. What would cause this?
Administration & Configuration / Re: Discount Error
« Last post by Jörgen on Today at 19:30:39 »

Normally You save as much significant digits as You can. But You can´t send more digits to for example paypal than they can handle. In this case it seems that paypal gets more digits than they will use. If everything is going to work 100 % correct then every number that is displayed in the invoice must be rounded and fixed. Showing a rounded figure and calculating with a number that has more digits is not good. I will give a very simple exmple.

We have four items:
Item       Actual price    Displayed price
Item_1   €1,234           €1,23
Item_2   €2,344           €2,34
Item_3   €3,444           €3,44
Total      €7,022           €7,01

There will be a difference when adding these prices €0,022.
The correct way is to add the ROUNDED prices not the actual prices. The same thing applies when sending data to another company. If you display the curency with two decimals, you should always use the rounded result in the following calculations. The price is €1,23 not €1,234. The value must be rounded and used for further calculations.

You can´t use the unrounded intermediate results if the rounded price is used and displayed anywhere in the invoice. I understand that the calculation is not easy and different number of decimals are used for different currencies. Sending a number of rounded prices together with a sum that is not calculated with these rounded prices will result in trouble and visible rounding errors.

All the prices that are used in the calculation must be rounded to the same number of decimals that are used for displaying the prices and the grand total.

just my 2 cents

Jörgen @ Kreativ Fotografi

Administration & Configuration / Re: Discount Error
« Last post by DunDes LLC on Today at 19:02:10 »
The error is only shown if you used "register"

You used "guest checkout", then you can use any email! We could add a check, that if a guest uses an known email, a message appears like "Your email address is already registered, you may use your old account" or something like that.

im developing a shippingplugin with certain pickupplaces. I want to make use of the "regular" ST-address etc. but im very confused on how to actually make it.

I already have the shipping-plugin html where i put in the "zip-code" and get some available pickup places. Now i want to force VM to use the address of the pickupplace and NOT give the user an option to put in his own address.

I've spent most of the day looking for a way to do it when "plgVmOnSelectedCalculatePriceShipment" is called and also tried to do it when "plgVmConfirmedOrder" is called

ofcourse i am trying to make it work in the newest available J! and VM.
currently running J!3.3.6 and VM

hopefully some of you guys can guide me in the right direction.

ps. i wish not to make extra shopperfields because i want the "shipping"-module be as modular as possible (taking advantage if other plugins rely on standard address-fields)

Wel Rachid
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