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Let me check the files which you've mentioned & I'll let you know about the status. Let me confirm one thing the changes in the cart will be basically in the above mentioned files right?

Thanks & Regards
Hariharan B
Sorry, I don't have access to any installs with this old version - as I said the cart handling has changed a lot in the more recent versions.

It has to be somewhere in the helpers/cart.php or controllers /cart.php area

I would like to inform you that I've updated the modifications in the file select_payment.php, but still I dint get the output, I'm redirected to the edit payment page if I select the payment in the cart page. Is there any modifications to be done other than this in any other file. Kindly revert me back asap since it is really urgent for me to complete this task.

Hariharan B
3rd party extension / Re: One page checkout for Virtuemart
« Last post by David Kan on Today at 06:54:24 »
Hi xaxier,

We're terribly sorry about your issues. Are they resolved? If you have any troubles with ticket system, please leave us message here, so we can help you to check it.

Your sincerely,
Hi yc2rdw,

Thank you for your compliment. We will keep updating the Virtuemart Truemart template in the future. Hope you enjoy the template and our support as well.

I just attempted two transactions with the same account using the standard payment option instead of and got the same results. The new order replaced the old one for the user.

Going back to 2.6.6 for now.
Just placed 2 orders on my Dev site.. with my account.  both in Fire Fox..  Back to back  both came threw fine..   
Yea.  Agreed..

That's Really Strange..   But I'm sure an easy Fix for Max..   You should become the new tester now  ;D
That's too bad.. 
The only difference from my set us.. is I only have guest check out.  I'm not a fan of registering for an account.. they forget their log in info. try and make new but can't because that email is used already.. and move on.. But you may need to..

I couldn't run any good tests on my Dev site with sand box account because any thing you put in will go through.
I have gotten 6 orders since changing this afternoon.. no issues..

I have it set to not ask visitors to register either, I am just testing with a registered account.

Although, this may not be an issue for someone who doesn't want a registered account, but if you ever user shopper groups, or give discounts to certain users, there will be a problem. If users want to register to see their order history, this will be a problem as well.

I just placed one order in Firefox then went to Internet Explorer and placed another order, and the IE order replaced the Firefox order for the given user.
just wanted to knw the checkout page php file name..
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