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Thanks jenkinhill , Finally I able to fixed it. After i set store default currency issue fixed.Thanks
Templating & Layouts / View Cart Changes
« Last post by bjb on Today at 03:11:59 »

In Virtuemart 3.0.2 in the View Cart page can you tell me how to remove the "billing to" and "ship to" section? We are dealing with digital downloads and PayPal so we don't need those fields.

Your help is appreciated.
That does not work when you have more than one shipment and payment option...
There is already in Vm3 an option : select shipment/payment automatically

Isn't that sufficient?

Kind regards,

css ->  firebug


.browseProductImage {
  max-height: 90px;
  max-width: 100%;
  width: auto;
wow, thanks to much! really works!
Product pricing / Display 'selected' currency on order emails
« Last post by gergnnud on Today at 00:07:39 »
I have been migrating an existing VM1 site to VM3 and have run into a big problem.

The shop sells products from Japan to the world so the Vendor currency is set to JPY. There are many accepted currencies such as USD, CAD, AUD, EUR, GBP, NZD etc.

I have modified the currency module to automatically detect the display currency based in GeoIP. The cart works well but the PayPal page and order email show prices in the Vendor currency only. This would be very confusing to the customer of course, especially because the display of Yen looks quite different to the display of dollars pounds or euro.

Firstly I find this behaviour counter intuitive. Why have selectable currencies at all if they are not going to display on results?
Secondly it seems that the backend config only offers display of 'one only' different currency in payment methods. That means payment methods are not tied into the currency module in any way.

Am I missing something is is this going to require a major hack to display the 'selected' currency result on the order email.
Thank you, but it did not change anything.
1. Is a Joomla problem. It appears that there is an untranslated string got JLIB_HTML_RESULTS_OF in your Joomla language file. It is translated in en-GB.lib_joomla.ini in J3.3.6 as  "Results %s - %s of %s"  You can add the string as a language override.

2. Looks like a url issue, it is trying to go to     Disable all SEF - in any case SEF should not be turned on until site development is finished and ready to go live. Then you can turn on native SEF in VirtueMart and in Joomla.

I just updated VM to 3.0.4. but now i get 2 errors

* JLIB_HTML_RESULTS_OF --> on page,1-15
* error when selecting article info. Nothing will happend. When you click on the info, the page returns to the main page?

How can i solve this problem? Tried another theme/template, but that doesn do the trick?

Site is running on joomla 3.3.6
Joomla 2.5.27 and VM 2 (2.6.14)
I try to split index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=user&layout=edit form to two forms, one with simple data like username name password email AND WHAT IS IMPORTANT three custom userfields checkbox (three of them), and the seckond form with company and any other fileds of 'account' column in _virtuemart_userfields in data base (assuming that user edit form is generated by '1's from that column. or maybe I'm wrong? so correct me ).
I try to make another tab in  index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=user&layout=edit with basic datas with name username... and remove that data from existing tab 'Shopper Information' (not with css only, but with css will be difficoult too, no id's to hang on)
I've already created tab called COM_VIRTUEMART_USER_SIMPLE_DATA (not translated string but that's not important) but I cant split that form (user edit of course) to things looks like that (i prepared that screens in browser :) )

('select an option' is not what it should be but not the point)
the site is not style with css for meny things yet but that is not the point too.
I've found something on forum , but that was a long time ago and actually I don't underdtand what he was trying to say, but he was saying wright things :)  .
How to split that form, to looks like that on screen (more or less - the problrm is in splitting that thing :) )

Thanks in advance... but this time I don't know if I answer myself as usual :) .
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