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A VM update will change some table structure size, type etc. But as far as I know it will not alter the data in the tables. AFAIK it will be possible to revert to any changes that You have made in the structure after an update. Data should remain intact. I do not think VM will delete any columns that You may have added. But I have not tested this.

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I want to alter order history table. I did the same on my site's older version 1.1.9.
The reason I needed to alter that that "iaox0_virtuemart_order_histories" or whatever that name in 1.1.9 was, I wanted to save tracking number. The number that is issued from Fedex, or usps etc. I couldn't find any otherway to add custom field other than products.

So my question is... will any future update revert back the table structure, and remove all of my data? or my this table will remain in it's form including data.?

Thank you
Hi guys

re: Joomla 3.8.6 / VM 3.2.12

I want to be able to redirect a successful Virtuemart Registration to the home page of the shop or some other URL instead of the 'VirtueMart » Account Maintenance' menu item found.

Is this possible?

I wondered whether I could hook into the onAfterRoute to do something similar to vmLoaderPluginUpdate does for Joomla to VM registration redirect.

Help me with this,....
 ;D Use the drag symbol to drag and reorder.

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Hi Studio 42, thanks for your reply.

Why is 46 a bad pagination limit? It was originally 48 (so I could lay out eight rows of six products), but I amended it to determine which of the config options was controlling it. I will be setting it back once this is sorted unless there's a good reason not to.

How do you know what queries are used? I'm trying to work my way through the code but I'm no expert.

The problem I'm having isn't specifically related to the site itself; sometimes this query fires multiple times and it eventually brings down the server. I'm currently trying to determine what's triggering it.
Config options which are considered to be rarely if ever used are hidden settings in the .cfg file. Too many available options in the backend will confuse many users and probably lead to support issues!
Nope, this fileds are not dragable. I can't change order in admin. Look at screen.

That the way of my ask :)

When i click on upgrade button from administrator panel to get the new version of VM AIO extension (from v3.2.14 to v3.4.2) joomla return me the following error:

Joomla\Filesystem\File::delete: Failed deleting inaccessible file vroute.php

Same issue here and i can't find any solutions.

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Templating & Layouts / Re: Add to Cart Modal not working
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@Studio 42

I'm not using Joomla 3.9.0 and PHP 7.2.2 in production just on local. Where do you download latest VM BETA from?
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