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I like break design, but if you want fast filtering, it's not the right solution.
I have added tags in my "shortcode" plugin, it's very faster because it only use integer(index) to get values.
See demo here and scroll down bottom right you see a "filter" button(this module is on beta test only).
See doc
About category structure, it's not the biggest problem. most time the problem is about ordering and index. Using for eg. ordering by product name is slow (or short description even worse).
Customfields can slowdown the shop too, it's why you should disable it in category if possible and use other tricks to display additional informations in the category view or/and product modules.
Abusing of product > childs tree too deep can have same effect
Do not use the option "ignore" about product featured ... in the config, you end up with mysql slow queries.
Adding permanent module cache and optimise the codes....
But at end you need to do some test, because you have some other things to check eg. Joomla system and content plugins.
Product creation / Re: Renaming Virtuemart Images
« Last post by Studio 42 on Today at 01:54:46 »
I have no demo and the feature do not exist for now, so a demo cannot help you, but it's possible to add some features on request in Vm Be Pro.
Product pricing / Re: Product prices not updating in Category View
« Last post by cjsmiff on Yesterday at 23:30:18 »
Looks to me like the old 'Forte' template by Shape5, bundled with some third-party-addons of which some are dating back as far as 2012.
Did you get your template here?


Many thanks for you reply. Yes, you are right but my initial problem here is now solved.
Thanks again  :D :D :D
Product pricing / Re: Product prices not updating in Category View
« Last post by cjsmiff on Yesterday at 23:27:47 »
You have an template error, You are missing the class "product-container" in your category view.

Jörgen @ Kreativ Fotografi

Bingo! Thank you!  :D

Except! That I can't figure out where to put it in the category/default.php file, everywhere I try it makes the prices update but it changes all other product prices to the same price too.

Any ideas where I should put it please? :D :D
General Questions / Re: How to get Related products images ?
« Last post by PRO on Yesterday at 19:42:35 »
administrator/custom fields

for the related products setup, what do you have for the settings? image attached
Virtuemart Development and bug reports / Invoice Header and Footer
« Last post by Ventsi Genchev on Yesterday at 17:17:00 »
Virtuemart 3.4.3 .9975
Joomla 3.9.4

Header and footer in invoices remain in the default language.
There is no problem with the content.
General Questions / How many products can VM practically support?
« Last post by behemoth on Yesterday at 16:39:20 »
I've seen the impressive bookstore with 8miliion products in (, but from the description there's a huge amount of custom development to enable this.

How many products would you expect VM to be able to handle out of the box?

We've currently got about 1.5 million products but this is going to keep growing and I'm struggling to provide a useable site at a decent speed. What should I consider to improve things? Is there an ideal category / structure? are many smaller categories better / worse than fewer large ones? We've been trying to implement BreakDesigns Custom Filters and applied a number of custom fields to each product. We've most recently tried adding all the products to a single category so that all products can be accessed through the filter. This doesn't appear to have been a success.

any feedback, advice, suggestions gratefully received. We're currently running 3.4.2 under Joomla 3.8.12 but I'm after general opinions.
It is the address of the vendor for that product, on a single-vendor site it is the address of that vendor as set in Shop configuration.
I can't help because I never tried to configure SOFORT. Did you enable the 'Debug' and 'Log' options in the SOFORT configuration? The logs might provide additional hints about errors.


Thank you for taking time for this issue and your thoughts.
Actually this is not an issue connected with an error, but is is a matter of design.
The different bahaviour (not triggering other payment plugins) of the SOFORT payment plugin is due to a certain parameter being given FALSE instead of TRUE, like the other plugins do (please see previous posts in this thread).
So I am trying to find out the reason for the different behaviour of SOFORT in VM.

Thank you all in advance for any useful hint!

Kind regards,
As said in the title : I'd like to know where I can specify the e-mail address the form in the "Ask a question" button (on the product page) send information to. Thanks in advance !
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