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General Questions VM 1.1 / Joomla cache vs onepagecheckout
« Last post by smidly on Today at 16:34:50 »
Hi guys,

can anyone help explainging me what´s happening with onepagecheckout when Joomla cache is turned on?

When it´s off everything works fine but when I turn it on and add randomly products to cart, I get there only the first item. Or I get different product there (since I use parent/child products).

Is there some way to fix the OPC module or not to cache it?

I am working on JM 1.5.26 and VM 1.1.9

If someone has an experience with it, I will willing to pay for the fix.


Virtuemart 2 Development and bug reports / Re: New router.php
« Last post by franayala on Today at 14:59:50 »
The problem is: Google have indexed a lot of old url like /domain/fisrtcategory/.../lastcategory/product and now find all changed to /domain/lastcategory/product

This is a good idea because a short url is a good choice for SEO purposes but if you change all url without 301 redirection... Google will find a lot of changes and your seo will be afected.

If the 301 redirect is kept for several versions, google replaced the old URL to the new URL and not lose SEO positioning.

But this 301 redirect should be done in the router.php, I think, because I do it by htaccess is quite expensive and I think it is even impossible to control.

I upgraded to 2.6.8. I can not go back to 2.6.6 because we mistakenly overwrite the backup. If not, go back to 2.6.6 for this item. It's too important.
« Last post by NaZz on Today at 14:15:57 »
I added the override and its working now, thanks.
Still, should I just change something in the language files just to be sure?
I don't like having too many overrides.
Virtuemart 2 Development and bug reports / Re: New router.php
« Last post by one2one on Today at 13:16:44 »

It is the same with me. Does anyone have any idea how to stop duplicates. I do not think router.php works well - change urls of my menu when I am a product of the same category.
Frontend Modules VM 2 / Re: VM search module no result
« Last post by GJC Web Design on Today at 12:32:43 »
with simple SEO (no for VM seo disbled + Joomla Search Engine Friendly URLs -> yes - rewrite -> no)
I get urls like index.php/shop/search?keyword=hammer&limitstart=0&option=com_virtuemart&view=category

you have /index.php/search/0/?keyword=bells&search=true&limitstart=0&category=0&option=com_virtuemart&view=category

have you got a menu somewhere to com_virtuemart - hidden or otherwise?

what is this weird '0'  ?

You can see it in the search module action url
what is your Use Product and Category IDs setting on the vm seo tab?
Frontend Modules VM 2 / Re: VM search module no result
« Last post by ukolar on Today at 11:51:53 »
I have te same problem for months and I don't know what to do. To do fresh install Joomla and import this DB or how to fix this.
My page:
whatever I write in search box i get message No result (...). I don't have checked SEO Disabled in VM configuration. Everything else working OK.

If I check SEO Disabled in VM configuration then search is working! But doesn't work choosing how many items I want to show on one page and doesn't work buttons for next pages and ALL the TIME showing me just first page in category!?

Can anybody help, PLEASE. Thank you.
Mega Theme updated
Fixed rating issue on VirtueMart category page
Hmmm, I checked and Debug has been enabled on this site a few hours last week, but only for logged admin (as Virtuemart allows).
Dunno whether Google could see the debug strings. If it did, then I bet I just have to wait till it replaces the unwanted indexed strings by the site's content. Hopefully that'll reveal the cause of this strange indexation behaviour. Thanks you jjk for pointing it out!
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