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General Questions / Re: Remove email authentication?
« Last post by LukeVenter on Today at 19:53:20 »
Thanks man! Life saver!
Hi All !

I’m looking for an extension for the Shop Component Virtuemart to make long URLs shorter.

My sample menu structure in Joomla: (also category structure in Virtuemart)

1 Menuitem (Category): Category A
1.1 Submenu (Category):Category A1
1.1.1 Submenu (Category):Category A2 Product Detail: B

From URL:my site/Category A/Category A1/Category A2/B.html
To URL: http://my site/B.html

What can I do ??
Thank all.
my site :

I added this
$item->link=str_replace( 'manufacturer/?categorylayout=0&showcategory=1&showproducts=1&productsublayout=0', '', $item->link);

// Render all but last item - along with separator
      echo '<li>';
      if (!empty($item->link))
      {  $item->link=str_replace( 'manufacturer/?categorylayout=0&amp;showcategory=1&amp;showproducts=1&amp;productsublayout=0', '', $item->link);
         echo '<a href="' . $item->link . '" class="pathway">' . $item->name . '</a>';

Why I can do it ??
My code :
Code: [Select]
 * @package     Joomla.Site
 * @subpackage  mod_breadcrumbs
 * @copyright   Copyright (C) 2005 - 2015 Open Source Matters, Inc. All rights reserved.
 * @license     GNU General Public License version 2 or later; see LICENSE.txt

defined('_JEXEC') or die;



<ul class="breadcrumb<?php echo $moduleclass_sfx?>">
if (
echo '<li class="active">' JText::_('MOD_BREADCRUMBS_HERE') . '&#38;#160;</li>';
echo '<li class="active"><span class="divider icon-location"></span></li>';

// Get rid of duplicated entries on trail including home page when using multilanguage
for ($i 0$i $count$i++)
if ($i == && !empty($list[$i]->link) && !empty($list[$i 1]->link) && $list[$i]->link == $list[$i 1]->link)

// Find last and penultimate items in breadcrumbs list
$last_item_key key($list);
$penult_item_key key($list);

// Make a link if not the last item in the breadcrumbs
$show_last $params->get('showLast'1);

// Generate the trail
foreach ($list as $key => $item) :
if ($key != $last_item_key)
// Render all but last item - along with separator
echo '<li>';
if (!empty($item->link))
echo '<a href="' $item->link '" class="pathway">' $item->name '</a>';
echo '<span>' $item->name '</span>';

if (($key != $penult_item_key) || $show_last)
echo '<span class="divider">' $separator '</span>';

echo '</li>';
elseif ($show_last)
// Render last item if reqd.
echo '<li class="active">';
echo '<span>' $item->name '</span>';
echo '</li>';
endforeach; ?>


My site:
General Questions / Customfield type to show the product package
« Last post by borro on Today at 16:43:09 »

Please give me advise which customefield type should I use to show the product package in a product card accompanying to a single product? I have a separate category with packages which stored as a products in Virtuemart. Do I need to use "Related products" custom field type for this purpose?
Templating & Layouts / Re: Layout Help Virtuemart Version 3.0.8
« Last post by b1g5l1ck on Today at 14:25:25 »
Thanks, I am a beginner but I will look into it :)

Any updates???

hi all,
I am using one page checkout by cmssmart. I have the following problem, I have created 3 different shipping methods based on countries and weight. When billing and shipping country are the same all works well. But when shipping country is different then billing it triggers shipping method for billing instead of for shipping country. Anyone had the same problem?
I've made this change also and it works fine.
But there's a problem: ''continue shopping'' and ''to shopping cart'' were buttons in my template style and they are gone now.  So the layout of that window is gone.
How can i fix this.
I think you will find this in


You can make an override if you want to change the format

at around line 63

Code: [Select]
    <td colspan="3">
<?php echo  nl2br($this->orderDetails['history'][$nb-1]->comments); ?>

Hi everyone,

I create a custom field of the type String which looks like this:

Title = "Dimensions"
Is a list? -> as adminlist with default values (large, small,...)
Cart attribute and cart input = yes

I add this Dimensions field to my product and give different prices to the values listed.
The selected value is not visible in the cart though when I select one. The price of the product is updated though.
The cart just shows Dimensions instead of Dimensions - Large (8x10)

I see this is the same here:
Is this a bug? How can this be done?

VM 3.0.9
Joomla 3.4.3

Thanks in advance.
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