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Hi all

i'm building  a VM shop. I check my Paypal payment method with Sanbdbox
When I confirm my command I have this last error message

There was a problem processing your order, please try again or contact the store administrator.

i have tested with and without my overide and same issue

thanks for your help

Virtuemart 3.2.12
Joomla 3.8.6
Plugin PayPal Pro - Sandbox
Security (https) / Performance / SEO, SEF, URLs / Re: Slow site
« Last post by Milbo on Yesterday at 23:28:24 »
Note that on using many child/parent, memory used can be multiplied X2 or more depending of course how you use it.

Not really, it can also speed up your store, when correctly used. The customfields per product take the most time. You can use the customfields very expensive or cheap.
it is actually often a lot more performant to use a pattern. it is very often so that a vendor adds to any product always the same customfield. In this case it is a lot cheaper to use a parent having the customfield and only children. Why?
All is cached in RAM. So when you load a parent product with customfield you do that one time, for maybe 50 products. So you load 51 products, but you spare to load 50 times the same customfield. Customfields are product depended, so there is no cached customfield, when you set them per product.

You can also use the strings very expensive, when use for any dropdown a new string. Or you can use a customfield String, with a predefined list. So sometimes you can replace a customfield group which creates a dropdown just with one customfield.

So for example, you have a lot products with 3-5 colors. Use a pattern with all 5 colors, and just suppress the not used colors in the child, or add a color to the child. It is still more performant than to use for any product a new list.

But of course, children can be extensive, compared to other solutions like strings.
Administration & Configuration / Re: Two Problems
« Last post by jenkinhill on Yesterday at 17:06:50 »
If your vendors are not adding products to the site or managing their orders then multi-vendor is the wrong way to do this. Like aftertal I would use manufacturers for your suppliers.  VAT issues are usually configuration issues, or rarely a misunderstanding of how VAT, rounding etc works.
General Questions / Re: Hide image in sub-category
« Last post by jenkinhill on Yesterday at 17:01:03 »
It does not really need configuration. Just a simple css override, something like:
.browseCategoryImage { display: none; }
Administration & Configuration / Re: Two Problems
« Last post by DJWezzz on Yesterday at 15:08:15 »
Does anyone have an idea how should this be? I can not continue with the manuals. There must be something that admin management can perform on products from the suppliers? And calculation rules of VAT seems to me a BUG at the moment.
General Questions / Re: Hide image in sub-category
« Last post by Jörgen on Yesterday at 14:17:05 »
I my be little slow here. Why do You want to have subcategories when you want to display all the producta in the top level anyway ?

and please:


Jörgen @ Kreativ Fotografi
I assume this is some kind of test site. Save any singnificant changes or overrides. Delete everything including database else and reinstall.


Jörgen @ Kreativ Fotografi
3rd party extension / Re: One Page Checkout (responsive and user friendly)
« Last post by xfera on Yesterday at 12:50:49 »
The download link to the latest free version is broken. Please update it.
Thank you.
General Questions / Hide image in sub-category
« Last post by Langagemachine on Yesterday at 11:31:02 »
Hi community,
it's possible to hide the default image (or image) in sub-categories ?
When someone click to a catégory, it could be shown directly the product o f subcatégories without all images of the sub-categories in the top of the page.

I'm amazed that this option does not exist  ;) ;)
General Questions / Re: Additional products photo not show
« Last post by jenkinhill on Yesterday at 10:54:04 »
Probably a template or js issue but it is impossible to know without a live site URL.......
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