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« Last post by jjk on Today at 11:58:30 »
I'm not shure...
Did you try if it goes away when you go to Tools & Migration and klick on 'Sychronize media to VirtueMart'?

The only other thing I noticed is a possible javascript issue. That page is loading two different (external) versions of the jQuery javascript via the googleapis - first version 1.9.1 and then 1.7.2. You probably have the googleapi enabled in VirtueMart configuration and in your template or another extension. jQuery 1.9.1 might not be compatible with the lightbox (fancybox) version used in VM 2.0.26d.
I've sold product for paypal and later on it was a dispute because buyers verification. As a result, order was canceled. But the problem, that I'm receceiving email all the time with information, that order was canceled.
[xxxxxxx], Cancelled order for   , total $xx.xx
real digits changed.
It's second day already. How can I stop it? I've deleted alredy that ivnoice from vm2 menu, but stil receiveing. It's stop only when I'm unpublishing product in vm.
thanks i found where i can change colour


now working properly crossed the old price, where can I change the color of old price ( crossed price)

tnx a lot
Frontend Modules VM 2 / Re: Search module not working
« Last post by bolonia on Today at 10:16:48 »
Have this problem too. Any ideas?

UPD: Ok, i think i solved this problem. Virtuemart keeps last visited category in current user session by cookies. You can test it removing site cookies :)

To disable this behavior you should disable adding this category to session. Open /components/com_virtuemart/helpers/shopfunctionsf.php file and search for function getLastVisitedCategoryId.

Comment default return and make it like this:
Code: [Select]
static public function getLastVisitedCategoryId ($default = 0) {

$session = JFactory::getSession();
//return $session->get( 'vmlastvisitedcategoryid', $default, 'vm' );
        return $default;


I hope this will help you.
I did this all as explained in the tutorial, but again nothing. Does anyone know how I'll make the old price to be crossed, and the new price to remain normal
Once PHP is update to at least 5.3.10 (and preferably to at least 5.4) the update VM to 2.6 which has recaptcha available for registration and ask a question/recommened to a friend.

I have received over hundred emails notification from our shop.Cause by a spam account was created on site.
Now I just disabled the spam account, review function and changed the New User Account Activation by Admin is must( before is None).

And then the review emails notification was stopped.

Our system version:
Joomla 2.5.19
VM: 2.0.26d
PHP 5.2.17

So, we will upgrade the PHP version up to 5.3.10 after this holiday.Any other we should do on this issues?

 :( bad all my scrollers donĀ“t work...upgraded from 2.018 to 2.6...

How can i modify my scroller module to show the thumbnails if $image->file_url_thumb is not possible anymore (as the database table is not filled with information) ?
helper.php(396): $html .= '<span class="VMTitle'.$this->slideid.'" style="color: '.$this->titlecolor.'; text-align: '.$this->titlealign.';">'.'<a href="'. $product_link .'" title="'.$pr->product_name.'"><img src="'.JURI::base(true).'/'.$image->file_url_thumb.'" class="VMImg'.$this->slideid.'" style="width: '.$this->imageSize.';" alt="'.$pr->product_name.'" /><br/>'.$pr->product_name.'</a></span>';
helper.php(398): $html .= '<span class="VMTitle'.$this->slideid.'">'.'<a href="'. $product_link .'" title=""><img src="'.JURI::base(true).'/'.$image->file_url_thumb.'" class="VMImg'.$this->slideid.'" style="width: '.$this->imageSize.';" alt="'.$pr->product_name.'" /></a></span>';
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