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How are your settings in Virtuemart administration. Can you check there in configuration->Templates if that is activated:
Using the product Scripts. If it is not activated, activate it.
Sorry the example link was copied from another forum post on the Joomla forums I made.

Here is a link to the example I want to reproduce.

you need a "hidden" menu to move the link to
While debugging I've found that the first part (/breloki/) of incorrect url is considered as the reference to the menu item having such alias. And the rest part of link (/zhivotnye) is considered as VM category alias of a category which have to be displayed at this url...
Then I made the experiment and changed my menu item alias and the bad link have gone away. But a new bad link like was created

So one way to solve this problem is to delete menu items which creates SEF urls like by their aliases like 'category-alias'. Is there any way to build SEF links like without some thirdparty extensions or with free extension BUT not with menu items of a 'VM category' type which i'm using now?

May be there is a second way to change situation. May be i have to change the router algorithm, I'm not sure.

Give me advice, please
I think what Jenkinhilll is implying is that you should see this setting for the payment - order status for pending orders:  on second tab of every payment

and then go to Configuration - configuration - Emails tab - and there make sure that the status of payment from above is listed there: click the field to see other remaining options...

there were problems after migration from older versions that you might have Confirmed as default, and new virtuemart uses confirmed by shopper.... so you either have to change the status on payment or add the status here... :-)
Hi Borro,

yes, the products were in two categories, but I think when you filter the product using the category filter, you should be able to set the order independently...not sure though...

I am new to Virtuemart and ecommerce, but have much experience using Artisteer to create basic HTML Websites and some HTML coding abilities.

I turned to Joomla because I need a solid ecommerce solution and from what I gather, it is the platform to use for that. I installed the Virtuemart extension but it only offers configurable products in the form of drop down menus or radio buttons and what I need is a real time representation of the product so the user can play around with frames and colors to see what looks best.

Here is an example of what I want: ... &item=2098

It starts off with a price for just the picture.

Then you can select a frame and it automatically updates the shopping cart price and shows the frame so you can see what it looks like. You can also match the wall color so you can see what looks good on your own wall.

Then there are two more options for inner and outer matting that also show up on the image.

Anyone know a good way to add this function in Virtuemart?

Thank you.

What extension do I need to install in order to achieve this?
Our site is running on Vmart 3.0.16 & Joomla 3.5.1 & PHP 5.4.45-0 and using Joomla Art Purity II (T3 Framework).

All caching and JS minifying/compressing (from T3 framework and Joomla) has been disabled!

Here is what happens:
When buying/adding an item to the basket -> the cart gets updated (popup) -> go to the cart (Show cart)-> item is not there! -> hard refresh the page-> the item is there.
Same thing happens when you add an item -> the cart gets updated (popup)->click the home button (menu) -> the cart is not updated

But it doesn't happen when you click one on the categories -> the cart is displayed correctly on the right!

I can see that when clicking the HOME button in the menu there are no hits in the apache access log, so the site is served from local cache (which would explain this): but all caching is disabled and I need the user to really refresh the page so how can I force this hard reload/refresh on every click?!

This also happens with the Beez2, Beez3 and Beez5 templates. So it doesn't seem to be a template issue (hence posted in General Questions).

It seems the 2 views associated with the HOME button and Cart are option=com_virtuemart&view=virtuemart and option=com_virtuemart&view=cart. Is the problem maybe there?
I think I found it. I had  ORDERING, that was not the problem, but there was descending instead of ascending.

Hello, stawebnice. Do you have a multiple categories for a products at your screenshot? Does ordering number can be assigned for every category of a product?
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OK, thanks for the information.
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