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I have to add this feature in Vm Be Pro. I have done some tests and this can be painful when you have many parent products to disable or override.
General Questions / Re: Credit Card Fields Not Appearing
« Last post by Jay on Today at 00:11:58 »
Thanks GJC, I appreciate the link. Not sure why you keep mentioning Paypal because it's not being used.

I'm guessing you know better than me that the VM Payment Standard plugin is separate from the Paypal plugin (see attached) so I must not be understanding something. My clients VM 1.9 only uses the VM Payment Standard, not a third party plugin and works like I've stated above. It doesn't seem like anyone has any thoughts on why the VM Payment Standard fields aren't appearing :-(


Let me say I am definitely aware of how much help you and jenkinhill provide users of Virtuemart (which blows my mind - impressive). Very serious dedication. I've been using Joomla almost exclusively since 2005 and have used VM a few times. My main account here is JSYMedia but I haven't been able to log into the forums with that account so I'm using this one. Just saying thanks to the two of you for all you do for this community.
General Questions / Re: Credit Card Fields Not Appearing
« Last post by GJC Web Design on Yesterday at 21:04:06 »
And the answer is the repeat of the above!

Paypal has no CC fields - why would it?
there is a plugin->
General Questions / Re: Credit Card Fields Not Appearing
« Last post by Jay on Yesterday at 20:50:37 »
    My client has been doing the following on his VM 1.9 site:

    • Uses VM Payment Standard method
    • Visitor enters cc info
    • Client can see cc info minus the last 4 digits
    • Client prints an invoice which only shows the last 4 digits of the cc
    • Client then has full cc info and enters the sale in his brick & mortar cc terminal

    This is what I need to get back to but the cc fields in the cart are not appearing. Has anyone ever seen the cc fields not appearing and is this due to not having the SSL properly working? The client wants no downtime and I can't publish his new site without knowing if the cc fields will appear once the SSL is working.

    I have tried creating a new instance of the VM Payment Standard method and it doesn't help.

    Really need help on this one. Thank you.
General Questions / Re: Duplicate Custom Fields in Product Children
« Last post by Jörgen on Yesterday at 19:19:29 »
This had been good to know. Patrick thinks there might be some inconsistancy in the behaviour. I really don't know what is right any more.
Jörgen @ Kreativ Fotografi
General Questions / Re: Duplicate Custom Fields in Product Children
« Last post by hazael on Yesterday at 18:50:13 »
Why haven´t You noticed it until now ? Why creating 1000 products with incorrect data ?

I migrated all products from Prestashop to Virtuemart.
Each product had similar parameters but often different values.
Some products had descriptions, price and photos were the same and I decided to connect them to the parent product
Language/Translations / multi language English, Arabic
« Last post by mshawali on Yesterday at 15:47:12 »
hi all
I am a new user for VM2, i am using VM2 with Joomla version, 3.8.10. i use multi language English, Arabic
I have a problem in registration form translation from English to Arabic,  my question where i can find the fields in registration form so i can translate it correctly.
other issue after submitting registration in Arabic i got an English not (that you registered correctly and an email was send to activate) also i need the location for this note so i can translate it
It's not a bug, it's how the router work.
First it check last part "klistermaerker", if this is found as product, he know it's a product and not a cateogry.
If this is not found as product alias, then it check if this is found as a category.
If you change the alias of the product klistermaerker to klister-maerker then it should work, because you dont have any name conflit with klistermaerker category
If you want safe alias and no onflit use suffix in the config.
In my test shop i use .html and disabled suffix in Joomla config.
So only product details link have .html and it prevent alias conflict with categories
In my shop i use .htm, this is the old standard and work safe too.
thank you jenkinhill for your help. i not find solution for that. i read the post did yuo send me but not work for me.
but i told you something i have one order the pdf work properly but the oder orders not.
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