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Development & Testing / Re: Virtuemart 3 testing
« Last post by jenkinhill on Today at 00:00:53 »
We are now at VM2.9.9.2 so try that one.
Development & Testing / Virtuemart 3 testing
« Last post by fmlk4u on Yesterday at 23:32:47 »
I have tested VM 2.9.9e on a staging copy of the live website and in the backend I see no real problems sofar. But on the frontend I have layout artifacts despite the fact that I use css overiride (VM css in template.css)

For example compare page with the live site and see "Prijs", "Basisprijs", "Verkoopprijs (incl. 21% BTW) and "Artikelegegevens" moving around while on the live site everything is nicely aligned.

I hope I get it fixed in time, since I am not a css expert and it already took quite some time.

Regards, Fred
@media only screen and ( max-width: 790px ) {
Hi Jenkinhill, I was curious about your last comment - using css to show/hide things <div> statements. How do you do that? Can you show me an example of such a technique?

Even with @media commands I wrote I only used them for color and font styling -  I hadn't seen examples of them control things like <div> statements.
There are no more template changes necessary! There is a option for the way how the images on product detail page should opened. This option is around the config for the thumbnail size.
Ok, looked into this more.... this has to be a bug, or a very wrong way of doing things on the VM side....

When the order is placed in the front end, the email sent to the user is in their own language (good).

When I go to the backend to update the order status, the email sent to the user is in English (bad).

English is the default Joomla/VM backend language, but it's a multilingual shop on the frontend. So, now what? Can I get a confirmation this is a known issue, and hopefully pointers to a solution?


[updated to latest VM 2.6.12 btw...]
look in  admin - images.php
for the function that builds thumb urls
Thank you.

Finally I changed options, and now only payed orders reserve stock.
"NetworkError: 500 Internal Server Error -"  when submitted
You need to do all the nomal 500 server error investigations listed on many posts on this forum

So I think that it takes a lot of time, and I am new with WM. I am thinking to disable this feature.

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