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Update!!!!!!, we have the feeder working and undergoing testing.  If anyone is interested the program pulls VM 2.5 and 3 site products, you tell it what products to send, set schedule (optional), then software sends to Google Shopping, Amazon, TheFind, and Bing.  Beta use is free and once done into a production software you will get a few months no charge too.  If interested please let me know. 

Software info is at but email for setup files.

Product creation / Re: Product Image Color Change
« Last post by bluezeyes on Today at 04:19:11 »
Not really..  Sorry but the should be some on products creation...

One possible way maybe to store the rgb values and use it for a custom js which manipulate the list entries in frontend..  Which you still have todo for a option style way instead of a pure select list (is list. In custom field)... 

Then use it for a square background color or as part of a CSS selector for a stacked image.. 

Different ways to solve..  just for fun I'm working on the background color..  I'm not far at moment lol...
Product creation / Re: Product Image Color Change
« Last post by MAD King on Today at 03:56:46 »
Great. Thank you.
Can you recommend an extension for the color?
Product creation / Re: Product Image Color Change
« Last post by bluezeyes on Today at 03:41:59 »
Add a child product to the main product add a custom field type child variant or generic child variant to the parents..  Attribute should be cart attribute  and if you have different prices enable atribute  prices on the properties of the custom field too.. 

That's in general more on, point child products..  If you need to show colors instead of pure  text in the list Use a extension or create your own solution..

Well beside I don't see the the sense to show the calculated bill price (with tax and discount if used ) on the product details page,  but I would try to include the php in an overwrite from the modules cart php without showing the cart icon if you don't need it..

So check the modules php code...
Your right that would be a big flaw.. 

Hmm last try..  Have you enabled rounding for prices in front end? 

Maybe it affects the amount of products too. Which would normally not be visible on integers for the amount...
Milbo just a small thing,   the language string in the type list for custom user fields are still not translated in back end. In the English language files.

and second when I add a generic child variant or a child variant to a product,  I get lots of xpath errors in the back end on the custom fields Tab of a product each time I open the tab to edit it.. 

Third the custom field options "d" and "o" are still not or extended to "disabled" and "overwrite".
This still exist since the last joomla! Day workshop in September <have still the sentences in mind from the youtube-video>

I know these are all small things and surly easy to fix..  Either from user or the Dev team.. 
I prefer the Dev team..  otherwise it's a waste of time to create overwrites or copy over the language files on and on..  Instead of concentration on the real things.. 
And last it gives a better impression of a stable system without all these little annoying things for the first time user..
Even it don't affect the functionality at all jenkinhill  would state :-P

All happened on a plain vanilla VM 3.0.2, joomla 3.3.6, php 5.6.?? System

Kinds regards
nothing does deliver it.

It is not in the table of order details and is not available to the order without some core customisation (not just a template change!)
Product creation / Product Image Color Change
« Last post by MAD King on Today at 02:24:14 »

I am browsing for hours this forum and google in hope to find a solution, but was not able to.
I have different colors for a product. All the images are available with each different color.
How can I make it to have all the colors listed for this product and if I click on a color so the image changes into this color?
Does anyone know and has a tutorial about it?

Thank you very much.
You will find those strings for the VirtueMart frontend in the file yourdomain\language\zh-CN\zh-CN.com_virtuemart.ini (somewhere near line 280)
The corresponding strings for the VirtueMart backend are in the file yourdomain\administrator\language\zh-CN\zh-CN.com_virtuemart.ini (somewhere near line 720)

You can download the latest chinese translations here
If you want to change some lines to meet your specific needs, I would suggest that you use the Joomla language overrides. See here (Choose Joomla 2.5 or 3):
If you change the original files, they would be overwritten when you update VirtueMart, so it is better to use overrides.

Perhaps you can also register on and help to complete the chinese translation for the above files.
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