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Frontend Modules / Search module does not work in subcategories
« Last post by innolfNow on Today at 09:55:42 »
It not absolutely that is necessary for me. There are other variants?
and when u manually set an order to Confirmed?

have you received ipn notifications from paypal?

Templating & Layouts / Re: Accessing image URLs in related products
« Last post by EvanGR on Today at 09:07:35 »

The sublayout is already used because it's a 3rd party template. So I am starting from there.
Now it works! Thank you very much for help!
General Questions / Re: Support for Multiple PayPal Accounts
« Last post by txkeyboards on Today at 02:55:30 »
Since I am in the exact same situation, I would recommend you to download OpenTools Advanced Shipping Rules and assign the an error whenever people put 2 products from 2 regions into 1 cart.
I am having more or less the same issue except everything is always set at pending. I use stripe and paypal and have the same issue with both. Is this an issue with the latest version of vm ?
Administration & Configuration / Re: Product search window not displaying
« Last post by Tryer on Yesterday at 21:11:03 »
No, it doesn't!!! Sorry, the problem was hiding in plain sight! Or maybe I am just too tired ot stupid to see it. Working on a number of different sites, with different templates, it just looked OK. Anyway, thanks to you for your vigilance!
Right, they can be different, indeed.
However, what I meant was to express the currency as its name, rather than its code.
For example, for euros, it shows
Code: [Select]
Email Currency 47
The solution could be
Code: [Select]
$html .= $this->getHtmlRowBE ('STANDARD_EMAIL_CURRENCY', shopFunctions::getCurrencyByID($paymentTable->email_currency, 'currency_code_3') );in line 218.

After this modification, it shows
Code: [Select]
Email Currency EURwhich is humanly readable.
General Questions / Re: Multilingual problem
« Last post by m.davide82 on Yesterday at 18:15:37 »
How do you change the language? at the dropdown on the left? This does NOT change the language of the gui, it loads the translation for the category or product for example.

Hi Milbo, no no, I'm referring to the front end view.

@GJC yes, all the tables are present.

@jjk update from 3.4.5 or 3.4.2, I don't remember, but before it wasn't multilingual.
General Questions / Status Email Change
« Last post by Jack Stiles on Yesterday at 17:24:59 »
Hey guys,

I didnt need any help for quite some time so it probably means the virtuemart is in its top state atm  ;D

Anyway - there is one thing now. I am on latest Joomla 3.9.something and latest VM 3.6. What I need is pretty simple. When you change order status it usually updates the invoice thats sent in the notification email. What I would need is to add one more thing to a certain state email and a few lines of text but I cant find what file to override... Will you help? I only need to know which file is controling status change emails...

Thank you!
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