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Templating & Layouts / Re: customer fields
« Last post by pinochico on Today at 12:52:50 »
yep, my google translate  >:(

ok, you are right
Virtuemart Development and bug reports / Re: Registration Email Error
« Last post by Tryer on Today at 11:48:42 »
OK, I tried with the Redirect Joomla to Virtuemart Registration disabled. The result is that there are no longer any error messages and the account is correctly created. However, when the email verification link in the user's message is clicked, the status of the account is not changed. Admin emails are now sent correctly, but the authorisation link in the email does not alter the status of the account - ie login attepmts are blocked because the account has not been activated.
this has nothing to do with your post subject .. this is deleting users...

have u tried with redirection disabled?
Templating & Layouts / Re: customer fields
« Last post by Studio 42 on Today at 11:43:21 »
He want put the field house number at the same line as the Street, it's why i said to modify the code to render the address form.
PHP 7.3.2
Virtuemart 3.8.6
Joomla 3.9.3

Issue: Only the product of the last child category are shown when browsing any top level category.
Expected behavior: All products from all child category for a given category should be shown when "Show products of subcategories" is enabled.
tested with default template vmbeez3, all plugins disabled -> issue persists
Same issue on two sites (production and test site).

Virtuemart Development and bug reports / Re: Registration Email Error
« Last post by Tryer on Today at 11:07:00 »
The details shown in the error log at the time the "Create account" button is clicked are as follows: [Fri Dec 04 09:17:57 2020] [error] [client] PHP Warning:  Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/sites/ on line 1524

Line 1524 of file user.php is highlighted by my added asterisks below:

         $_status = true;
         $superVendor = vmAccess::isSuperVendor();
         if(VmConfig::get('multixcart',0)=='byvendor' and $superVendor>1){

            $vm_vendor = $this->getTable('vendor_users');
            foreach($userIds as $userId) {
               if (!$vm_vendor->delete($userId)) {
                  vmError('remove user did not work for '.$userId);
         } else {
            $userInfo = $this->getTable('userinfos');
            $vm_shoppergroup_xref = $this->getTable('vmuser_shoppergroups');
            $vmusers = $this->getTable('vmusers');

            **********    foreach($userIds as $userId) {   **************

               $_JUser = JUser::getInstance($userId);

               if ($this->getSuperAdminCount() <= 1) {
                  // Prevent deletion of the only Super Admin
                  //$_u = JUser::getInstance($userId);
                  if ($_JUser->get('gid') == __SUPER_ADMIN_GID) {
                     $_status = false;

Please can anyone shed some light on this?
Thanks AH
when he refunds in Paypal it will send an IPN to the site setting the order to refunded?"

Yes that is what happens - if the order came from PayPal.

At present VM does not differentiate between a full refund and a partial refund PayPal refund - both set the same VM status as configured in the VM PayPal Refund setting.

I know that's not a good practice, but in these cases, how could we get historic in VM?

It is not and you should not do it that way as you subject yourselves to potential fraud.

Look to change your business practices for payments made via PayPal - refund via PayPal console.
General Questions / Re: How do I edit my order settings?
« Last post by Iryn3l on Today at 09:34:42 »
thank you for help..
I had seen this but because I never changed it I didn't realize it
Thanks again
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