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Title: Product pricing
Post by: Lomion on January 25, 2012, 02:21:26 am
Hello Dear VM Community :D

Maybe it´s just me or it´s too late already but i have serious trouble concerning the input price value and stuff =P
For example a product costs $100...
i put "100" after "Cost price"
in "Tax & Calculation Rule" i setup a rule: Tax per Product -% and 10
now VM outputs:
Base Price: 100
Final Price: 90

what i wanted was  base = 90 and final=100 again because it includes the tax again ..

SOOO: do i have to input (cost)price >without< tax and change the tax rule to add 10%? Or am i something missing here?
Would be a pain in the a.. to input prices without tax :(

btw i run: joomla 1.7.4 and vm 2.0.0

good night everybody ;)

PS: just updated joomla to 2.5.0 without any problems yet... are there known issues concerning the stable release? Please be nice i´m still a young vm padawan ... and much to learn i have ...