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Title: InternetSecure (
Post by: Matthew Jensen on February 18, 2005, 22:53:43 pm
Does anyone know of an existing InternetSecure payment module by any chance?  Or, does anyone know how to go about making one?  Or, does anyone know of a resource that would show me how to make one?  This seems to be one merchant services provider that can't be found and certainly not with ease ... imagine the needle in a haystack scenario of the search terms \"Internet\" and \"Secure\". :o)

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
Title: Re: InternetSecure (
Post by: Surefire Solutions on November 11, 2006, 19:40:44 pm
have you had any luck yet?

I am working on getting it running  and should have it up shortly. Let me know your findings
Title: Re: InternetSecure (
Post by: Surefire Solutions on November 12, 2006, 06:34:49 am
Great News!  I have gotten the Joomla / VirtueMart / InternetSecure Payment Gateway to function.

How? Well I fiddled and fiddled an got it up. Tomorrow I will make notes of what I did. I am in test mode now so please visit and test at   enter and CC number and expiry date. Use a real email address tho'.
Title: Re: InternetSecure (
Post by: Winston Bromley on November 22, 2006, 22:41:03 pm
Hi guys

can u post where this module is located?

Title: Re: InternetSecure (
Post by: Surefire Solutions on December 26, 2006, 17:29:28 pm
Sorry guys, i couldn't remember my login to update the posting. Now that I am in I enter a post with the required changes. My sincerest apologies to all.
Title: Re: InternetSecure (
Post by: Surefire Solutions on December 26, 2006, 21:05:28 pm
To use Internetsecure, go to the payment modules and enable the Module. Internetsecure uses the same setup for AIM for the most part.

First contact InternetSecure and let them know that you will be processing web transactions from your shopping cart and provide them with the IP address of the server where your transactions will be originating from. I just did a ping to my website and that was sufficient.

Next go to Payment Methods in VirtueMart and change the name of the Payment Method Name to Credit Card - Internetsecure and ensure the Active checkmark is filled in.

Leave the Code set to AN.

Leave payment class set to ps_authorize.

Payment Method Type should be Use Payment Processor.

Accepted Credit Card Types should be Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover.

Leave other setting as default as I am unaware of what they are.

Click on the configuration tab at the top.

For Test Mode, set as YES! Login ID should be your Merchant Number (check that you use the right currency Merchant Number).

Click button Show Transaction Key and enter 1000. (Internetsecure does not use this feature but VirtueMart requires it to be filled in to work.

Request CVV  set to YES.

Recurring Billings set to your requirements.

Authentication type should be set to AUTH_CAPTURE.

Order status for successful transactions set to pending.
Order status for failed transactions set to cancelled.

Show response Codes for failed transactions set to Yes.

Email confirmation: set to yes for both fields.

Enter any extra Payment info that you require.

Click Save at the top of page.

At Payment Method List turn off all Payment methods except Credit Card - Internetsecure and Paypal if required.

Open FTP client and browse to \administrator\components\com_virtuemart\classes\payment\ps_authorize.php on your website. Copy the ps_authorize.php to your local machine and open it in Notepad.

Search for

They should look like this:
$host = "";
$port = 443;
$path = "/process.cgi";[\b]

Save this file as ps_authorize.php and the copy it back to your site via your ftp program.


Title: Re: InternetSecure (
Post by: bcnstony on June 19, 2009, 17:08:47 pm
If you have Virtuemart 1.0, please note that the code above has an accidental [\b] at the end, after the semicolon. Do not copy this.

If you have Virtuemart 1.1, take a look here:
Title: Anyone gotten InternetSecure / Elavon / USBank to work with VM2?
Post by: erichhaubrich on September 27, 2012, 02:06:42 am
Please see this post for explanation: (