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Title: vm Invoice Manager v. 0.4.0 just released
Post by: mitchie on June 27, 2010, 11:48:02 am
A new version of vm Invoice Manager has been just released.
A lot of (minor) changes have been made to fix bugs on local (windows) installations and some new features added.
English version is now included and installed with the component and it affects even the Joomla! component drop down menu.

If you are using Phoca's addon you can move (copy) your data into vm Invoice Manager as first overall action. vm Invoice Manager automatically detects Phoca's data into your database and if you still haven't recorded any other document it shows you "magic wander" icon in the control panel. Just click on it to copy(!) Phoca's data into vm Invoice Manager archive and go on from there with vm Invoice Manager. Simple, isn't it?

With v. 0.4.0 now you can print products attribute in the PDF invoice too, like size and colors (recorded into product_attribute field of #__vm_order_item table), in a second row. You can even choose the layout of details, landscape (all details in a row) or portrait (a row for each detail). You can manage them online from config page of the scripts.
vm Invoice Manager has its own site now: ( where you can find an exaustive online guide.
It's in italian but you can translate all the site with any online translator.
You can even post a support request (in italian or english) or report any bug in the support forum of the site ( ( We'll do our best to give you a fast feedback.
Please note that in order to produce PDF document you may have to update Joomla! TCPDF class to prevent TCPDF errors. We have collected all you need in a .zip archive. Download the zip archive from download section of ( site, unzip it in your local computer and upload the unzipped tcpdf folder into directory. That's all.

Enjoy, it's free!
Title: Re: vm Invoice Manager v. 0.4.0 just released
Post by: apandit0755 on September 11, 2010, 15:54:30 pm

I am not sure if this is the right place for this question - if not pls point me to the right dierction.

I have just instlalled the latest version - however I get a blank screen when I try and display the invoive - be email it works fine. system unbuntu and joomla.

thanks ???
Title: Re: vm Invoice Manager v. 0.4.0 just released
Post by: mitchie on September 17, 2010, 15:10:24 pm
The right place is the support forum: (