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Title: "mod_virtuemart_search" and similar modules
Post by: geolino on November 08, 2008, 19:11:20 pm
I have succesfully uploaded my website ( with an integrated VM shop (as catalogue). It works almost very fine. Nevertheless I have a problem:
The VM content is started by a click on a link in the main menu ("Kochbekleidung"). A submenu opens according the product categories (Kochjacken, Kochhosen, Sch├╝rzen, etc.). The access to VM by this way works properly. Besides I have 2 VM modules installed (mod_virtuemart_search and mod_virtuemart_randomprod). If I use this tools, the desired products are shown, but the main menu shows always a wrong submenu = category. Every product is shown in the category "Schuerzen".

Has anyone an idea how I can solve this problem?
Many thanks in advance