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Title: Store paymentinformation from HTML Form-based payment
Post by: stilero on September 25, 2008, 22:57:46 pm
Hi everyone,

I'm using VM 1.1.2 on Joomla 1.5.7 and everything works just fine except for one issue.

I need to store transation_id ant authcode from an HTML-based payment.

The checkout-script receives the variables from the payment-processor.
 $trnumber    = vmGet( $_REQUEST, "trnumber" );
 $authcode    = vmGet( $_REQUEST, "authcode" );

How do I store this information in the vm_order_payment table?

The table seems to add an empty post after every transaction, with nothing but order_id and payment_method_id.

Also, I would want to place the trans-id and authcode on the customer receipt. How is this done?

Thanks in advance