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Title: Accessibility problem
Post by: kirbislechat on March 08, 2008, 00:57:16 am
Hello, I have posted before on bugg tracker about this subject, someone of the team seem to verify but there still no change in the RC1.

This is I think a big big problem if you consider that blinds or handicaped persons are using internet a lot for shopping.

Here is the problem:

Try to use Joomla 1.51 and VM RC1, use it with the Tab key for moving from one field to another field and Enter key for validating the choice or Spacebar for selecting an option.

OK, select a product, add to cart, show cart and Checkout.

If you are not registered, you want to validate  "New? Provide your billing information"

And you can see that it is impossible to jump to the selector, you jump directly from "Login" to the next field of your page but can't register for a new customer.

It work's good if you use the registration process from the VirtueMart Module, from there you can use the link "No account yet?" "Register"

Sorry, my knowledge of PHP is not enought for giving you a solution, for now I can just show the problem.