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Title: Removing particular items (including part of lightbox)
Post by: Robert on July 27, 2007, 10:19:54 am

I have some questions. Please see attached file first

I want to remove items 1 - 3... Can someone pls post a link to a thread that has any of these questions answered? Ive been looking for a few days and I can find anything relevant!

Item 2 i want removed and is from "lightbox" if that helps anyone i used the first method as shown here...

sticking on the lightbox theme, when i click an image, it doesnt show up in the light box, does anyone know why? it seems to resize correctly, but now image

also, last thing, i remember seeing this in a thread somewhere, but i cant find it for the life of me. i want to add a second image to the browse page just like it is on the image attached (but horizontal) how do i do this? any help would be appreciated. im not too well educated in the area of scripting html so something step by step would be great.

the website address is

the products im testing with is "christening candles"

or direct link here

this is the page where i want two (different) images per item

ohhh and one final (prob very simple thing) - ive changed the flypage, but it still keeps showing a different fly page... even tho ive modified it? whats going on there? thanks you very much

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