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Title: Customizing VM for a Print Shop
Post by: Alex Tasso on February 09, 2007, 00:04:33 am
Hi all. I'm a newbie to the site, but have been using VM for a few months now. I have to give great credit to the developers of VM, because, quite frankly, I had no knowledge of PHP and other forms of coding going into business, and with VM, I've managed to generate a working knowledge of basic PHP functions using VM. However, with all great considerable breakthroughs come the inevitable stumpers that plague my dreams at night; at the current moment, I have two that are ready to drive me to a room with padded walls.

Using VM and Joomla, the website for my printing & copying business allows customers to place printing orders online. My situation is that my pricing breakdown is per page... but what if a customer wants several copies of a multiple page document? Well, until I figure that one out, I simply have two custom attribute fields: Number of Pages in Document, and Amount of Sets Needed. I instruct the customer that those two fields must be multiplied to achieve the right quantity, and that they must enter the solution to that equation manually.

I'd like to modify the code so that; a.)  the Quantity box updates automatically when these two fields are filled, b.) the Product is not added to the cart if either field is left blank, and c.) the price per page adjusts accordingly depending on the quantity (which I was able to achieve without a problem... the first two, however, are another story).

This method has worked thus far, but there is always some confusion because no matter how easily you explain it, there's still always 3-4 persons who just can't grasp the concept for every 1-2 persons who do. Thusly, I must alleviate this confusion somehow, and that is the only way I can see as being the solution.

I had found a new component on the Joomla! extensions site, and it was actually unique (since most components usually perform the same function but make it easier for dummies like me) and it was what I needed for a certain aspect of my site (ie. allowing customers to upload their own originals and artwork for printing or storage). So I translated the language from French to English and customized the layouts, and made it so the files shown were specific for each individual user (ie. joe_smith could view files for joe_smith and not john_johnson, etc.)... now I need to configure both VM and this component, called com_shared_private_space. to allow a customer to add a file to an order (and only ONE file, because it's easier on me if each product added to the cart had only one file).

So if anyone can point me in the right direction, as to how I can achieve both goals, I'd appreciate it greatly.

Also, I was curious if anyone had submitted a recommendation to the dev team about shop templates, (ie. the template called 'book store' pre-configured with typical attributes, etc.) I would think that would make it supremely easy for no-nothings like myself to pull something off. Anyway, just curious, because if not, I'd like to formally submit it as a suggestion... it would surely put VM at the forefront of e-commerce.
Title: Re: Customizing VM for a Print Shop
Post by: Alex Tasso on February 09, 2007, 18:49:03 pm
err... forgot the link... (

You may login with the sample account: username is 'sample' password is 'sample'
Title: Re: Customizing VM for a Print Shop
Post by: Alex Tasso on February 17, 2007, 11:58:38 am
Nothing yet, huh? Dang...

I tried switching to ECJC, but all it basically consists of is osCommerce wrapped into the Joomla! admin... plus, the Contrib Installer... yeah, that thing doesn't work at all. ECJC is a big bulky messy hunk of garbage, much like its osC predecessor...

Anyways, in VM, I'm using the VirtueUpload component/plugin, and thus far, this allows for the upload. I've modified it somewhat to allow for a nicer layout, but I've found that it has a flaw when you add the form to the product flypage... no matter what, it doesn't associate the uploaded file with an order...
Title: Re: Customizing VM for a Print Shop
Post by: cn.o on May 26, 2007, 18:59:33 pm
Very nice work. I am working on a similar project for a client to support their existing clients.

Any chance you would like to share that component? I don't know French - heck, I can't even find that component.


I found it...