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Title: View all Manufacturer Products - Wrong URL when menu is created
Post by: Ventsi Genchev on May 25, 2019, 06:14:49 am
A very, very old topic that is not yet resolved:

VirtueMart 3.4.5 10063
(as well as all previous versions)

I have a menu that shows all the products from the manufacturer: mysite/sony-products
But VirtueMart shows incorrectly: mysite/sony-products/manufacturer/sony
There is no way I can avoid /manufacturer/sony
In my opinion, if there is a menu for a particular manufacturer, VirtueMart should not add that backwards. As with the manufacturer's data menu, for example.

To avoid this, I made a redirect to the htaccess.
Everything is OK, although I do not like this solution, but there is only one problem:

If you choose to sort the products by some value and then choose another number of products per page, the URL erases the beginning and goes for example:
and goes to the main page respectively. This is the only problem of redirection.

And I want to mention that, for example, this:
is not an option, because then it becomes: mysite/sony-products/sony

Does anyone have advice, idea?
Thank you all!