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Title: New stable release candidate vm released, complete list of changes
Post by: Milbo on March 01, 2018, 10:20:06 am
Please test our new release candidate

- field vmloadlang, added dummy getLabel function to prevent output of the loaded language files
- category model, added the category table to the function getParentsList to check against unpublished categories
- invoice model, set default of hidden config ChangedInvCreateNewInvNumber to true, so generating of another invoice just follows the normal invoicenumber convention.
Correction in de-DE.com_virtuemart_config.ini
Updated fullinstaller to joomla 3.8.6
- worked on virtuemart_vendor_id lists in the Backend view, that they use the last id of the session or of the model.
- admin userlist, type of selected table is now kept in session
- other minors
Fixed display of reCaptcha
chnage order item status submit automatically
- ReuseOrders, works now with new ordernumber, reusePendingOrder is now only executed at begin of the _createOrder function
- added check which stops installation of VM, when the pdo driver is used.

- and order is now always created or updated when pressing confirm. The Setmethod function does NOT update the Pending order anylonger
- createStoreNewInvoiceNumberById is now merging correctly the data with an already existing order.
- _triesValidateCoupon is now emptied after entering a valid coupon
- added note to vm config, when someone does not use mysqli as db driver
- other minors
- product listing BE, search_type is now also kept in session
- added name="limit" to pagination box
- added some more VmConfig::get('ordersAddOnly',false)
- fixed typo vritumart to virtuemart
changed attribute cvsel to data-cvsel to achieve valid HTML
Delete orders: new ACL, and depends on config param
eway refund / tokencustomer fix
eway library
eway vmuserfield and vmpayment
eway userfield WIP

- We reuse now only Pending orders (only in the cart). When a pending order is reused, we delete now also the shipment/payment entries. Problem here, the table must have the virtuemart_order_id
- enhanced handling/security against coupon hacking. They are removed after 24 hours, by time.
- VmTableData understands now also crypted fields/columns
- fixed storing of invoice entries without virtuemart_order_id
- added rehashing of an inserted entry, when the primary key is part of the hash
- search module, replaced old js by place-holder (thx Stefan)

- after storing encrypted fields, we directly decrypt them
- Coupons are not automatically removed anylonger when expired
- enhanced costdisplay of ship/payment plugins in cart (no +-)
- enhanced default layout of manufacturer module (was sometimes missing a closing div)
Removed itemprop="name" from h1 product name. Done by snippet.php. All white spaces to tab.

- checkSafePath added loading of language to ensure always the correct translation
- removed old wrong filter for cart inputs
- fixed error which prevented storing of the vendor data as FE manager 
- vmpagination was missing a bracket to limit the max pagination
commented all javascript console.log
- update of the email invoice layout (thanks to Spyros Petrakis)
Fixed missing table cell in totals row and replaced th elements with td.
- datefield works now with a proper "+ 1 Year" maximum - other minors
changed loadConfig added parameter, so that the trigger plgVmInitialise is not triggered
- another fix for ajax category tree for BE and FE managing
- default_reviews.php moved closing div to right place
- Modules exchanged some vmLanguage::loadJLang against vmLanguage::loadModJLang
eway : include PayPal, MasterPass, VisaCheckout , storing logs: WIP
Payment EWAY: adding library WIP
Payment EWAY: WIP
- vmTable: addIncludePath checks for already added paths - vmTable removed all DS
- getDatasByOrderNumber checks now for payment_currency > "0" to get the correct entry
- paypal does not try a refund for order status cancelled
- added config ordersAddOnly which prevents deletion of order item.
- fix for ajax category tree for BE and FE managing
- fixed possibility to use a coupon more than one time for the same session.
- deletion of an order item is now stored in the order item history with action "deleted"
- another small fix in productdetails to avoid unpublished categories in the title /breadcrumb
- More work for order editing. The order history item table should now work correctly. History should not be stored in the checkout process.
added storing of order item history
- vmtable added param _omittedHashFields, so we can define which fields should not be part of the hash (hash field is automatically omitted)
- install.sql decreased size of hashes fields
- Added feature, that when more than one invoice is available, it is now possible to request the invoice by number, not just the last of the order
- small fixes and enhancements for the model/invoices
- adding of two prices at once should also work now (removed counter)
separated js dynotable function in an own file.
order_items_editing fix when cloning the item and the select lists
dropdowns of prices in product edit fix
- long desired fix, dropdowns of prices in product edit work now directly
- added integrity check for table entries (with hash column)
- More work for the model invoice and orders, moved more funtions there, renamed functions, etc
Order items editing (WIP)
Some more work for createReferencedInvoiceNumber feature
- added new hashing feature to vmtable. A VmTable can now be set to hashable and writes automatically an hash to field (defined in constructor)
- Added model invoice
- Moved a lot invoice functions from the order model to invoice model 
- replaced some older code in different fiels with the new functions of the invoice model
- customfield date has now two extra parameters to set the initial date and year range. The initial date uses as format DateInterval, so the P0D means use the current day.
- trigger 'plgVmAfterStoreProduct',array(&$data, &$product_data), added array key new to $data, so that we know if a product is new or just updated
Fix: updating order status
 When no shipment is the shipment table, display an error message instead of a 500
display several invoices in order list and details
just added hashes for order and invoice  moved invoice functions in order model to bottom
- not found categories should throw correct 404 again
- Added switch for adding the manufacturer name to the title of a category views, which shows products of this manufacturer
More work for order/invoice handling
- updateOrderHistory checks now first, if the last orderstatus is the same
- derived invoices get a new invoicenumber. There is atm an hidden config to chose between two modes.
- added order item history table
- more work on orderdone
- and other minors
enhanced display of shipment/payment information on productdetail
more fixes for php7.2
More work on new invoice handling. Invoices are not renamed anylonger, still WIP
2 Fixes for php 7.2 compatibility
Not allowed to delete order if an invoice has been issued
Updated en-GB.com_virtuemart_orders.ini with changes by Andrew
Updated FE en-GB.com_virtuemart.ini with corrections by Andrew
Corrected two typos in en-GB.com_virtuemart_config.ini
vmcrypt used for non given date, a wrong dateformat. Fixed.
- removed old unnecessary "addtocart" procedure
- the quantity field are now rendered with the hidden attribute to simplify enabling of "non orderable" products by javascript (before it was just not rendered)
- Small new feature for price display. There is a hidden config now to enable an extra "with tax" note
- vmSpecialChars with ENT_SUBSTITUTE and checking for php version
- extended function getInvoiceNumber
Fixes for the orderdone page. The router differs now for the layout to get the right Itemid. Furthermore the layout is now set in the confirmDone function and we use a redirect now to access the right menuitem
Added language variables for new menu item type orderdone. DE and EN
- Extended function getInvoiceNumber - added missing filter for recursive filtered arrays
- fix that it was possible to add products into the cart, when minimum value was set, but not enough products in stock 
- minor enhanchement, ajax_catree.js uses now always the absolute url
removed notices when cloning a product
Correctd typo in en-GB.plg_vmpayment_paypal.ini
Updated en-GB.plg_vmpayment_paypal.ini and de-DE.plg_vmpayment_paypal.ini
Updated de-DE.com_virtuemart_perms.ini
Updated en-GB.com_virtuemart_media.ini and de-DE.com_virtuemart_media.ini
Updated en-GB.com_virtuemart_config.ini and de-DE.com_virtuemart_config.ini
Updated en-GB.com_virtuemart.sys.ini and de-DE.com_virtuemart.sys.ini
Updated de-DE.com_virtuemart_shoppers.ini
Correction in en-GB.com_virtuemart_orders.ini
Update en-GB.com_virtuemart_orders.ini and de-DE.com_virtuemart_orders.ini
Update FE en-GB.com_virtuemart.ini and de-DE.com_virtuemart.ini
Update BE en-GB.com_virtuemart.ini and de-DE.com_virtuemart.ini
Title: Re: New stable release candidate vm released, complete list of changes
Post by: dmb on March 24, 2018, 00:46:15 am
Getting a server 500 error installing the aio, with this in the apache log file:

[Fri Mar 23 23:44:00.444988 2018] [:error] [pid 19694] [client] PHP Fatal error:  Class 'vmLanguage' not found in /var/www/ on line 65, referer:
Title: Re: New stable release candidate vm released, complete list of changes
Post by: jenkinhill on March 24, 2018, 15:47:17 pm
Did you install the associated main VM component first?
Title: Re: New stable release candidate vm released, complete list of changes
Post by: dmb on March 24, 2018, 15:49:27 pm
Nope ! Just came back to update that I tried it the other way around and it worked fine  :-[ For some reason I thought the main component was the last one to be installed  :-[

Thanks, one for me to remember !
Title: Re: New stable release candidate vm released, complete list of changes
Post by: moebiusg on April 16, 2018, 20:03:05 pm
I usually change the customer email order template operating in the com_virtuemart/views/invoice/tmpl folder and changing the invoice_items.php file.
From this version it seems that the changes I make are not implemented. Has there been any change in this regard?
Thanks in advance.
Title: Re: New stable release candidate vm released, complete list of changes
Post by: Jörgen on April 16, 2018, 23:58:26 pm
You should make Your changes in
templates/your_template/html/com_virtuemart/invoice (http://templates/your_template/html/com_virtuemart/invoice)

Not to the core files.
There has been small changes in the invoice.php file, make a code comparison between Your versions and You will see what has changed.


Jörgen @ Kreativ Fotografi
Title: Re: New stable release candidate vm released, complete list of changes
Post by: moebiusg on April 17, 2018, 00:31:18 am
Yes Thank You, I tried the override way by template, but no effect at all...
The order email is still the same...
I don't understand where does it takes the template.
Title: Re: New stable release candidate vm released, complete list of changes
Post by: moebiusg on April 17, 2018, 02:17:21 am
the new template file to take notice to is:  mail_html_pricelist.php
Same folder as above.
Thank you all for your attention.
Title: Re: New stable release candidate vm released, complete list of changes
Post by: bunglehaze on May 02, 2018, 11:27:47 am
Are there any plans to make the created pdf invoice match the improved email invoice sent out to customers? The new email contents look nice and clear but the pdf invoice still looks a mess .

I have looked in my template to see if we have any overrrides in place and it appears that side of things is standard so I would have expected the pdf generated to look similar.
Title: Re: New stable release candidate vm released, complete list of changes
Post by: simbus82 on May 11, 2018, 11:06:37 am
Joomla 3.8.7
VirtueMart 3.2.14 and related AIO

When i try to create a new menu voice for a single category, after i select "Menu Item Type -> Category View" i receive this message:

Extension attribute is empty in the category field.

And the selectbox for categories tree is empty.

So i can't create new menu voices for VM categories after last update. :(


it was an old override of default.xml

No message in debug log or php errors....