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Title: Joomla Virtuemart Square Payment Gateway
Post by: webkul on November 06, 2017, 14:22:40 pm
Joomla Virtuemart Square Payment Gateway-

This splendid add-on provides the user with the access to purchases products in Virtuemart store via Square payment. With the installation, the store owner can receive payments anywhere with Square with all security measures.


Well integrated with Virtuemart store.
Payment form is generated using square js library for security.
A feature of token generation is available to make charge instead of card details being transferred to the server.
The functionality of full refund is available at admin end.

Buy Now From Store: (

For more details, please visit: (

Please generate a ticket if you have any query related to product, we are happy to help you (

Title: Re: Joomla Virtuemart Square Payment Gateway
Post by: Funnybugbees on March 15, 2019, 05:52:35 am
Well i saw this and thought about buying until I saw all the 1-star reviews for it over on the joomla dev library. The bad part is, you have not responded to anyone to address their concerns. So i guess we will be looking for the next Square plugin.
Title: Re: Joomla Virtuemart Square Payment Gateway
Post by: webkul on March 15, 2019, 09:15:37 am

Hope you are doing well!!

We appreciate your time and effort to have a  look at our addon, now as fas as concerned about the 1-Star review over JED on our addon, I would like to inform you that if you have seen the client's review then you should be the details over there as well.
It is my humble request to you please check again the review (, here you can see the client has assumed that this addon must have xyz functionalitiesnalitie(s), but this is a wrong way to purchase asny addon.
We have 80000+ clients world wide and more than 15000+  clients in Joomla and VirtueMart so we never want to any unethical business practice and that is why we have provided product demo, Product blog, and Free ticket system so that any one can ask any query before to purchase the addon.  I am requesting to you please go through the 1-Star review again this time you will see the this client never ask any query just blaming us because asking for a refund, some of the clients do this unethical business practice just to get the zip. We are not blamming anyone we are explaining the pain area.

Also, you should see the positive 5-Star review on the same addon by another client, (

In addition to I would like to request to you please if you have any pre-sales query related to this addon or any addon, free feel to write to us at We are happy to help you.