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Title: Unable to create new product on fresh installation of VM3
Post by: alteredego86 on August 18, 2015, 05:58:34 am

I just installed Joomla on a new server, and installed Virtuemart v3. I was able to create Product categories, however when I tried to create products for those categories, I'm getting the following error:

Code: [Select]
vmError: VmTable #__virtuemart_products_en_gb Check not passed. Neither slug nor obligatory value at product_name for auto slug creation is given 0

vmError: You are not an administrator or the correct vendor, storing of product cancelled


I have tried the solution posted in with no success. And yes, I've also tried to add the Joomla UserID using the Tools > Migration section as suggested without success.

I've been looking around and saw suggestions to use phpMyAdmin to correct this issue as it may be because of the mismatch between joomla userID and vm shopperID, however I have not found HOW to do so, only SUGGESTIONS.

Joomla version: 3.3.1
PHP Version: 5.3.28
VM Version: 3.0.9