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Post by: jenkinhill on February 21, 2015, 14:13:14 pm
We can but hope that you have already read this and have not been referred to it because of something you have posted.

If you do want someone to reply please state exactly which version of VirtueMart you are using, eg 3.6.11 or 3.6.11 10292 or some other build.  "Latest" is not good enough.

Also full Joomla version (eg 3.9.16)  and PHP version.
Be precise please, PHP 7.2 is different from PHP 7.2.24

For template/layout/view/function issues a live site URL is required  <------------

Note that uploading or linking to just an image is generally next to useless!

You should also mention if you use template overrides, or a commercial Joomla template marketed as containing "VirtueMart styling" or similar.

If you have not tested your website problem with the Protostar template then do that first - if display is now OK then the issue is with the template overrides you are using.

If you have a layout problem have you already tried using the debugging tools in available in Browsers? Then you may be able to solve your problem without having to ask here!