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Title: Product attribute image
Post by: mickey3k on November 24, 2014, 15:29:21 pm

I've got a question about VM3. I searched for some related topics and read some threads but I'm still not so clear about it.

Question is, can I set an image for a product attribute in VM3? For instance, if I have a  T-shirt and want different colors as attributes, I want them to be displayed as images, not as radio buttons.
So if a customer wants to buy the shirt in "yellow", he can select the yelow shirt thumbnail and the product will be changed accordingly.
With my old shop, I used an additional component, which does not seem to be available for VM3 though. See here what I mean:

I find the custom attribute fields in the VM3 demo a bit confusing, so is that possible? And if so, is it also possible to combine attributes like color/size without generating child products?
So that shirt yellow could be "out of stock" in size X, but still available in M. The whole child product thing in VM1 was quite time consuming, that's why I want to avoid that..

Thanks for answers!
Title: Re: Product attribute image
Post by: MSpencer141 on July 23, 2015, 15:25:08 pm
Is this possible? Would be great if it could be implemented!
Title: Re: Product attribute image
Post by: Troels_E on January 12, 2016, 02:02:33 am
Sorry for bumping an older thread.

I think I am looking for the same feature as the original poster (if I understood correctly).

I would like to do a product detail page like this [ URLremoved] where it is possible to select the childproduct by clicking the picture OR using the dropdown. Is that possible?

Is it possible to change the "choose a variant" text label on the dropdown selector to something else? If have custom field title shown to tell people to select a colour it seems a little weird that the dropdown is labeled Choose a variant.

Any help appreciated, I am on VM 3.0.12