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Title: Paypal notification email shows wrong 'From' info
Post by: wendyP on January 24, 2014, 03:49:26 am
Using paypal payment method - a strange problem has developed with the emails that come through when successful PayPal transation has been made.  The paypal payment notification emails -  the email message 'sender' or 'from' address, shows always the same purchaser from an old order.  It will say for eg' "David Thomson via PayPal" even if the purchaser was "Peter Jones"  -- David Thomson did indeed make a successful purchase via PayPal, 10 orders ago, and since then, every email notification comes through with his name on the 'From' notification.  In all other respects, eg. the subject, the body of the email msg, the email contains correct info relating to the correct purchase details.

We thought it may have been a paypal problem, but they assure us it's with the website / configuration of our store.  We have made no changes to the configuration, it was running perfectly fine in the past.  We have no clues ?

Attached screenshot may explain better than me.

VM 1.1.9 (I know it's ancient, as much as I'd like to update, this client is unable).

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