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Title: IE and Session Data Being Preserved / Cart Redirecting to non-ssl
Post by: yavin on June 25, 2012, 21:20:11 pm
Hey all,

I've been having some issues with my site, which I cannot seem to resolve at all.

My server is not running shared - own VPS with proper SSL cert installed.
Joomla: 1.5.25
VM: 1.1.8
sh404sef installed, version
also using ReReplacer (for force https) 2.14.3

The site works perfectly fine in Chrome, Firefox, etc, with the exception that 'view cart' doesn't always enter SSL and product pages go to SSL when they shouldn't be, but those issues don't bother me too much, since SSL always kicks in properly for the actual checkout process (so credit card and all is transmitted securely). In IE, though (9, though I'm sure earlier versions have the same issue..), this causes an issue as session data doesn't seem to be stored properly, resulting in an inability for anybody visiting the site in IE to actually checkout. Products are added to the cart in SSL, then when viewing the cart before actually checking out the site will invariably switch to non-SSL at some point and all session data seems to be erased, as the cart will show that it is empty. This is a debilitating issue/

I've tried selecting portions of VM to force SSL, all, none, generally prevent ssl connections both off and on. I've turned sh404sef completely off for VM, or selectively chosen not to translate URLS or whatnot. I've tried with the regular site URL in vm config as https as well. All of this was generally to try to get the view-cart page to go to SSL - I haven't tried very hard to try to fix any session-data problems to try to get the switchover from SSL to non SSL and back to occur seamlessly, though that is an approach that might work. Again, all of this works perfectly fine in chrome/firefox.

site url is

Please, anyone..ideas?
Title: Re: IE and Session Data Being Preserved / Cart Redirecting to non-ssl
Post by: yavin on June 25, 2012, 21:58:54 pm
I'm not sure what I did that fixed it but everything seems to be working now...odd.