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Title: Mini-cart and shipment
Post by: archos on April 20, 2012, 16:33:27 pm
Not really a bug but something weird.

If you have just one shipment method and you set it by default, you fill your mini-cart and the sum correspond to the sum of items without the price of shipment.
As soon as you go to the cart view (the one for the checkout) your mini-cart sum change and include now the shipment.
But you have no line on the mini cart to show you the extra cost is coming from shipment.

IMHO we should see the sum on the mini-cart always the same, means with items + shipment or only the sum of items (I feel this choice easier and better for the seller). Now the sum depend how you browse the shop by viewing or not the cart.

I understand this cannot be top priority but if you choose to see only the sum of items it's only a line to comment :-)