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Title: Small customfields hack for Generic Child Variant
Post by: MaartenMJR on April 18, 2012, 01:02:32 am
In Virtuemart 2 (I'm currently using 2.0.2) one can use the Generic Child Variant custom field to present different attributes of a certain parent product (e.g. the sizes S, M, L, XL for a T-Shirt), where the stock quantities of the separate children are managed by Virtuemart. The current implementation redirects automatically to the child product detail page, which is hard-coded into customfields.php. While implementing VM on a webshop, I realised that I didn't like the automatic redirect and I found that the code around line 702 in customfields.php isn't quite generic and could easily be changed.

The current customfields.php line 702 reads:
Code: [Select]
$options[] = array( 'value' => JRoute::_('index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=productdetails&virtuemart_category_id='.
$virtuemart_category_id.'&virtuemart_product_id='.$child['virtuemart_product_id']) ,'text' =>$child['product_name']);

My proposal would be to change this into:

Code: [Select]
$options[] = array( 'value' => $child['virtuemart_product_id'] ,'text' =>$child['product_name']);
And in addition change the selectbox generation into:

Code: [Select]
return JHTML::_('select.genericlist', $options,'field['.$row.'][custom_value]',
'onchange="processChildProduct(this.options[this.selectedIndex])" size="1" class="inputbox"', "value","text",

As a consequence, the product detail template has to provide an proper processChildProduct function in order to redirect to a child product page, but one is then, as a developer, free to implement another script. In this particular website, I choose to update the virtuemart form with the values (name and id) retrieved from the selectbox. The current, expiremental, code that I added to the productdetails template reads:

Code: [Select]
function changeFormProperties(option)
var val=document.product_form.elements[3].value;
document.product_form.elements[3].value = val.substr( 0, val.lastIndexOf(' ')) + ' ' + option.text;
document.product_form.elements['virtuemart_product_id[]'].value = option.value;

jQuery(document).ready(function() {
var val='';
for(var i=0; i<document.getElementById('field0custom_value').length; i++) {
document.getElementById('field0custom_value').options[i].text=val.substr( val.lastIndexOf(' ') );

Which, while loading the page, extracts the sizes (that form the last word of the product name) and updates the underlying form with the child id and name.

I would appreciate comments on this, and, finally, I would be very happy if a generic solution to my problem could be added to the virtuemart core.
Title: Re: Small customfields hack for Generic Child Variant
Post by: Panayiotis Fafakos on May 26, 2012, 15:46:11 pm
I think that your code is very interesting.

Can you give as an example of an processChildProduct function?

We are thinking of developing such a function in order to change the image and the other attributes of a product when we navigate through the children of a parent product.

Of course we must do a recalculation like the one that is done in
stockable.php so that we make the correct new prices appear and show the correct modified image.

Thank you in advance,

Title: Re: Small customfields hack for Generic Child Variant
Post by: mhuebler on November 13, 2013, 14:45:58 pm

im sorry to open these old topic again.

the code of MaartenMJR works very well. i have only one problem.

if i try to add the child product to the cart i can see the pop-up and it looks ok. but not the child is insert the cart only the parent product.

anybody can help me with this ?