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looks like there's a few aussies here that would love a Australia Post shipping module :) (And a few Aussie payment processors too)

Wish I could code :(

But there's got to be a way...just a rough idea that just popped into my head. If say 30 Aussies chipped in say 50 bucks each and we hired someone for $1500 (in this example..could be more or less :) ) to just do the work on shipping and payment stuff...would that be a good idea?

We don't have to sell the modules...just get the things to work and be done with it...

when u look at how many options OSCommerce has, it makes you weep :) Granted OSCommerce has had a head start and way more developers over the years...but it just would be nice for mambo-phpshop to start to catch up...we have such a great cart here and fantastic CMS...shame to see it struggle so much...

if only i could code :( and don't say I could start to learn...i tried and nearly lost all my hair :) Just wasn't born for it...literally :)

anyway, just an idea :)

yep, you can add another one.

I was gong to have a look at zone shipping and work state by state.
I'm not interested in overseas. Run something like a lookup table to relate the different postcodes to the N1, N2, V1, V2 etc then run the clients postcode against the lookup table, then look up wieght then run the calculations. I will have to look at your link. I have been looking for thier calculator for months. The staff at Australia Post couldnt help me find it. Speaks for it's self.

Hi all .. just posted the info below in another (incorrect?) post!

One of our developers has written a shipping module (eDeliver) which calculates shipping based on standard and express post rates. Only problem is it's commercial (due to an arrangement with the client we developed it for - non-exclusively - in the first place). It is under $50AUD and I'm happy to donate half to Soeren for his outstanding work (and the other half to our developers XMAS presents)!

Let me know if it's of interest .. I'm not a dev so I'm unlikely to be able to help you on the technical aspects but happy to answer any questions I can (and try to get answers for others) in the event you want to built it yourself.


Quote from: jacko on October 26, 2005, 15:30:25 pm

One of our developers has written a shipping module (eDeliver)

I hope they are not marketing it under that name as that is an Australia Post trade marked name.

They can get VERY nasty when you use one of their TM's without the official stamp of approval.

Quote from: UncleBuck on March 17, 2005, 01:27:22 am

Given that I am a new Mambo and phpShop user, how easy would it be to create a shipping module for Australia Post by using their site at

Uncle Buck and readers:  This looks to be the best way to go. I have a developer working on some new components for us, but when he's finished I'll ask him how much for doing this. I'll post the cost on here when I have it and if anyone would like to make donations, we can hopefully provide the finished shipping module to the community.

Cheers, David


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