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Author Topic: order_email product name in a wrong character encoding [URGENT]  (Read 2371 times)
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« on: February 10, 2008, 14:03:46 pm »

 when the confirmation order email gets sent to customer everything is in UTF-8 but the product name which is in CP1251.

my Db char: utf-8
joomla utf-8
I got two languages Russian and Latvian. Settings for them in Joomfish iare UTF8.

Joomla ver: 1.0.13
Virtuemart 1.0.14
Joomfish 8.2

$order_items .= "<td>".$dboi->f("product_name");

the above code gets a value from a database and puts it into order_items which later on will be used in  {phpShopOrderItems}. Pls help as I have no clue why if everything is in utf8 the product name comes in CP1251 .

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